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Some extras to spice up your game.


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>Confirm button option for all gold/mc/arena pt purchases.

This one is a must. Nuf Sed.



>Option to request 3x3 with party of 2,and 5x5 with 3 or 4.

For those who have few good friends.

>Option to auto-request arena.

Click auto, it searches 5x5 for a preset time, then 3x3,then 2x2. Allowing more people to get more points.

>Better opponent searching.

Dont match my lvl 14 party with 3 lvl 16. Neither a lvl 11 party with my lvl 14, no challenge for me, no fun for them. Obviously, if there isn't enough demand, these things will happen.


>Real auction house, not just fixed price player store. Allowing for better ingame economy.


>Reward driven race wars. Weekly race war, points for killing opposite race, territory war, prizes/reward for winning race, winning the right to a territory with nice drops, mc item discount, special item npcs, all for the weekly winner.

>Guild wars, same principles.


>In-game keyboard with all available characters & emoticons, loading OS keyboard is slow and painful on allot of devices.


Get to work developers :P



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