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Is botting allow in the game? Whats this?


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Hello guys i want to ask if botting is allowed in this game i ve been playing for a while especially in arena level 28-30 3vs3 random on EU-Emerald server so i am not able to win because of these bots who are online 24/7...

If so can i start botting too?I have reported these people couple of times(few seasons ago and last season) but it seems like support is allowing such behavior. 

Anways here are some names on EU-Emerald server who bot and few clips and screenshot.Also one guy logs around 3-5 chars to spam arena name is Douluo

He logs his elf chars (Imhungry,Mindized) and afks so they have and advantage. 

Well we are able to beat the bots but we are human and play only few hours... 

in the end they come out on top

So tell me guys can i start botting too?

as u see in the videos how aimlessly they follow my friend without using any strategy 

and in another video they just dont atk and randomly move around one guy has even kept a name Bots funny.... 

So here is the list 











these are online 24/7

i dont wanna mention more names they aren't online as much but they bot too

Got a player admitting his friends are botting too... 

Warspear Online





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So whats the point of spend our money in a game when there's cheaters winning. It makes no sense. 

Abv it mods won't react on this topic, I'm up to cheat too. 

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Everything is allowed till devs get money from game, when they start losing players. They will notice cheats n bugs, until then, they dont care 😂😂😂👍

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Yeah.. do something with this devs. 
its impossible to stay on 24/7 like they do. 
I’ll add more movies, hope it will help u to make a good decision and ban them forever or maybe for a longer time.

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If you expect for something to be done on forum, you're wasting your time. You will only add some more scandal by doing this, not certainly make them banned.


Since many here have got proves, you all should go for the support team. They are the guys who deal with these problems and they only: you won't find help against them here. 


[email protected] 


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