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no.... this cant be!






But... But it shuld only be for mace... What the hell... What have i done?! Should i feel proud? Devs heard me lol

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It seems that this Guardian of The Valley is gone somewhere.. Maybe he went to toilet?

Anyways, this is a graphics bug, not a minor problem, just not very nice.

That isnt a bug. It has a meaning in the lore

[Caution, Spoiler]



that statue has a role in the lore. It displys a warrior, and the filth got over it, taking the statue for himself. It is also the boss in the hard rotting garden (or the normal one)


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hahah i was at his house then i left cuz we were going to play Super Smash Bros Wii U :D


lol why were you like Omg my Idol finally talked to me lmao,but you got dissapointed when i said i was yushiko :D


Omg Yushiko the lil playboy :D

This moment when game keeps connecting and connecting, it doesn't log you in but your Wifi is great :cray:


He's a gay playboy :bad:

Anyway... game keeps crashing %)

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Being a merc, I say it's too bad :/ I mean, Sith was the only active mc guild n now it's gone.. Well I guess no more fun tournys, If no other guilds arise.

But idk why he kicked all members, he should've kept heirs at least, I think they are authoritative enough more than just a random buyer to keep up the guild after him. Unless they all wanna quit at once. :bad:

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