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The most stalked profile on the forum:


More than double Roland views, good job.

Lel :bomb: Half of the views are from myself leeel

Btw hey! Its my profile, delete it lmao :bomb:


PS : u r one of the stalkers :o

Edited by Nestly
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Lol what privacy, it's all public, people can just click the name, that's why it has 3k views.


Strange to hide something anyone can already see.à

If u post the overall image here, it's called as 'publicity' of someone's profile. Procedurally, people must click on his/her name to know a little biography of him/her.

And if u just want to show the "view", u can blur the others beside the name and the views. That's it.


Love android

Nice, x6tence looks better than Physik :)! Edited by Nestly
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