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ty bro was our first time there & we killed it 2 ppl only  ;D  , when u came from nowhere we were surprised & happy & make us remember the old & good times at eye with u my dear friend. :drinks:  If ever there will be another lab i hope we will be togheter in farm, even we re opposite faction.Skynete #1 mage in sapphire & i think also in all game servers  ::)



he also barely speaks english, i tried contacting him and his immediate response after not understanding what i typed was "fk you noob" (he at first asked what i meant, so i tried simplifying what i said to him) he gave up trying to comprehend the apparent master-level'd english sentence i wrote to him and just started shouting obscenities thinking im trying to offend him


ignorance at its best


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Afro *_*

omg hes alive! miss you afro  :drinks:



quote from 2011  :blush:



My updated list from Arena 2.0:

Rogue: Sakray

Barbarian:  Vox, Chronos, Iceman, Dragneil

Shaman:  Sanbanyo


Ranger:  there's a few skilled ones Vernob, Stn, Rainbow, Swaaz (stn n swaaz are low level even) 

Druid: Pros is the most skilled I've fought.  Rest are easy

Bd:  Harass is a beast Savage is pretty tough too.


Thanks to all for the epic fights.

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you guys My friend dkcam Aka bballman Has proved my innocence he sent me it and i have it now and ss of him sending it Small details Can check its Old espiacally cus my chars in Party  :clapping: :cray: :yahoo:

I cant believe he had it Im crying from happiness right Now they cant deny me now the proof is undeniable!

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Enemy's friend  :wacko: (The enemy of my enemy is my friend )


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