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let me rephrase, the games audience isnt mature enough for my liking




What does community have to do with you? Get friends and play together, so the "bad and immature" players are your opponents.



Can't be bothered to edit post, not like post count is enabled here.

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did i ever say warspear was better?


go on /v/ and mention those 3 games you'd be a laughing stock, just because its overhyped and overpopulated doesnt imply its a good game. isnt angry birds the best game ever? no[/font]


Did I say you said that? Nope.

Games are made for mainly 2 things: fun and money.

This game was focused on money, which is why it's not good. It was popular mainly because it was a f2p mobile mmorpg which actually wasn't so bad at the start.


Discussing about games in a certain place won't prove anything.

We are on Warspear forum. Make a poll about WoW vs Warspear. Warspear wins.

Simple as that.


The only place where discussing about games is okay is when there are no butthurt attention seekers dissing on a certain game and not even providing anything to the topic other than the fact that they are angry at something which wasn't made for everyone.


You can't please everyone at once.

And if you are really hating games because they are overpopulated then you are just brain dead ignorant.


Just saying names like DotA allstars, World of Warcraft or Counter strike.

These are the fathers of the unpopular games you praise so much. Yea, they came from unpopular games themselves, but were those games ever a hit? Haha.


You're dumb m8.

First of all, you imply unpopular game = shit game. Which, particulary nowadays, is wrong. It's easy to diss an unpopular game, just because there aren't people to defend it. But when you diss a popular game? This happens.


What's up with trying to stop people from complaining just because you don't do it? If you don't want to talk about a game, sit silent instead of laughing at those who want to. This isn't a kindergarten where everyone needs to be appeased.


And don't even start with "make a better game" argument, asshat.


I never claimed unpopular games are shit. Do you even read? It's the other way around where people who diss popular games think unpopular games are almighty.


They are made for either fun and/or money. Mostly everything gets boring at some point, that cannot be changed.


Sit silent? I couldn't even do that cause I was already laughing the moment I opened this thread.

If you want to be an arsehole too, go ahead. I ain't stopping anyone, I'm just trying to help them.


Well, don't you know what a perfect game is since you hate on the ones which were/are the top the their genre? I sure thought you guys did. Obviously, the only thing you can do is make a game of your own and prove your words.




Well. Done with dinner so I am out.

2 cents already in.

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theyre both games, yes



thats it though




both MMO

both can be played on PC




and people calling WoW and LoL shit, prob haven't played 80% of the content and just "following the crowd" like sheep, WoW's still successful after 10 years, and providing good expansions, it's unmatched that most MMO's copy it, including WS.


"the best game" is what you enjoy.


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ya because not liking LoL means im a bad person who judges everything biased. ive never even played wow :^)



youre saying im the sheeple when its infact you, huehue



i can judge however i want, its an opinion at most. LoL is overrated especially when comparing it to something as complex and diverse as an mmorpg, like wow or warspear. its just a casual arcade fight, i can admit games like starcraft take it to a whole new level though



edit: how am i not providing information on the topic  :snorlax:

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Shinobu made short work of her


How do you like the anime?


Couldn't find any good Shinobu pics fk it


Watched it twice already. Not bad.


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Couldn't find any good Shinobu pics fk it


Watched it twice already. Not bad.




Don't forget the imaginary managerie manager imagining an imaginary managerie management

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