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Obsessing the fact Lebeau and Alyanorno are under the same IP and both emails belong to you?


Unless Lebeau's name is exactly the same as yours...




Yeah, you can't do anything anymore



And deleting is not a solution, you can't run away from things you've started.

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No, they are 2 different items. One is the quest item (sells for 1g at shop) and the other is regular loot item, sells for a little more.


same thing with nose ring,


been like that since I can remember.

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The worst part is when you pay higher-than-average price for useless crap and end up 4 bag slots shorter.

what you can do is, if you're gonna buy from market, keep 1 of each of correct bone amulet and nose ring in your bag. then when you are ready to buy, put them up at dealer, and they should be in the same list as the other correct ones.

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looks like frikids never gone hardcore with daily quests  ;D



i used to have a list of enemies that dropped certain items, even had a list for which ones drop the most loot (that isnt 1 gold quest loot)



i got lazy though and it got lost somewhere, its probably a year outdated

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Hehehe looks like he is too poor to afford buying quest items anyways ;D

kidding, I have spent down to my last 100 gold and thats after selling consumables and trash gears from my bag :lol:

but I might have some gold laying around somewhere on elf side, pm me if need


Geez, trying to avoid going like "xD" because I know swaaz isnt fond of it




Oops ;D

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