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nope my lv15 supportive necro raped him at 1v1


I'm not quite sure where you have developed this idea but due to me not PVPing lv15's since I was lv15 I think you are definitely definitely mistaken, I only PVP lv18 and above and this is 100% honest also I have never lost to lv15 necro PVP that I can recall......you may/would have either attacked me whilst I was in chat or jumped me. I don't mean any thing by that but that is just the truth...I'm sure many MC who will vouch for me on this.

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strong , has a brain just not good at arena + his resi sucks


Thanks Zain, Your right my resistance is shockin lol I'm slowly getting me arena gear at the mo though  ;) and I resent the arena comment  ;D , I still got the closest wins to fight ratio elf side in top 40  O:-)  just when get high amp lock or as you can see with strain screen shots two rogue when I have druid partner. Although Strain beat 3 in a row but I'm sure he will tell you PVP and many more times I have beat him arena  :friends:

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