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trying to help lvl15 warlock do shaman  :crazy: when this crazy rogue jump me lolz  :lol: he thought warlock will help him in jumping me, too bad so sad  :aggressive: helped warlock do shaman (had to bump his head with mace to wake him up)


loooooooool  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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cross with lv6 on frist camp of chosen (mc)  :blush: ;D


Don't try to do what i do young man  :facepalm:  u never ever gonna be like me  :facepalm:  so don't try better to u  :good:  :pleasantry: :pardon:
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barkskin and earth protection lvl 5 ?



Also, isn't astral magic defense a disadvantage to u ?






yes to lv5


nope, astral def doesnt negate any heal

but it helps vs paladin bleed combo, and I think some mobs/npcs hit with astral magic

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so, im quitting the game.



gonna leave ya'll some nice  ss before i go.



1- partner dcs then comes back later on just to die alone as i was on the other side of the map. kited both bd and ranger alone the whole fight (ty "circular" arena map )



2 - killed both alone and still more than 50% hp without pots  (both lvl 20) ty parry set



3- last but not least FoF meets AoA (again)



cya guys, these last 2 years have been fun



(as for my chars ill leave them in care of jaythug and merc)








Bro, gonna miss u here in game :cray: thx for these months i have get to known u and u helped me :friends:  i hope u the best and that u consider to return in future :blush: :drinks:

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Hmm both u profundo? Is 2 forum accs allowed + 2 contest entry?  ;D


Im sorry to say this but the other acc is from my wife. When i log off it always log on that acc by mistake.


Thats all.


U can ask for my wife to any friend. Actually you can ask her but she just logged to get into contest i dnt think she log if she dnt get prize.

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the best shaman of saphire?! Eeeehhhcchhhh


Опубликованное фото


Опубликованное фото


Опубликованное фото



2 locks vs 1 shaman and necro, i'd say its a good win for them and a fail ss from you trying to make him look bad after you failed to kill him .

got owned 1vs1 though after he was full hp  :facepalm:

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We talking about kernlabba. The strongest hunter of elfs who kill 10 alone lmao


And ypu can see he was heal himself  :facepalm:



no one kills 10 alone without crossing (unless they come at you 1 at a time)



u should have targeted the shaman first then the necro (even if the necro escaped like kern u should be able to beat him 1vs1, unlike shamans or druids who can kill lock 1vs1 without much dificulty)



(free advice for your next fight with them)

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