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how much is the highest damage????????!!!!!!!

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+10 sudden doom

aquilion set

critical echant dmg




full peneteration

critical n acc balance  ;D  deadly


Snorlaxx or roland weapon more deadly ;D they can make shootgun or missile i think

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I don't think 750 is achievable. 


I'm not 100% sure what max sd spear is yet mines only 9.  It should be around 580-590 total.  Then 15% from ice queen stuff.  So close to 700.. 


Penetration doesn't matter that just cuts defense doesnt increase your cap. 


You could then boost your damage again with polar bear drinks another 10%. Perhaps that's how he got to 750. 

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529 + 55 + 20(level) = 604 + 15% (90) = 694....so 694 is the highest damage



ok if we said all that n the DMG begins 672 hw much it gona be the biggest DMG mayb 723  i think bt no 1 can get 2 752 DMG ok thx for listening

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694 + 10% (drink polar bear)(69 ;) ) = 763 maximun damage



it cnt be 763 DMG bro thats possable n even if that the only 1 can get 2 that DMG r the  Blade Dancers n mayb rogues can 2

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I have 520 reg damage 584 with ice queen gear 1590 reg crit and 2272 Crit from stealth i think afro had the highest crit I've seen though vcut strong too.

Ive been hit by rangers though even with my 4k def they have blessing one shotted me 3k damage :o


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