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Guild: Born2Kill - Emblem

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Опубликованное фото

The Phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically reborn.
Born2Kill Guild, like this legendary bird, had fallen and risen and is now back; stronger than before.


"Born to Fight, Trained to Kill; Ready to Die, but Never Will"

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nice but mine will be better then u  :dirol: :dirol:


no way beb  :aggressive:


Good  :good:


not bad


simple yet amazing great job ;)


ty guys :blush:


But where is the emblem :unkwn:


reuploaded it on my post on 2nd comment so u could see it from attachment if u cant see from photobucket  ;D
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Good enough. Maybe you've been inspired by these pictures?


i got that phoenix stencil from google. and modified/edited/updated with cs4 to make it metallic. ive played with 4 phoenix designs and only this one satisfied me..  :blush:

below is the metallic black version. idk which one to use so i asked my friends and all of them said the colored on is better.  :friends:


Is it a pheonix? If so its #1 to me


and yes it is a phoenix  ;D

dont listen to sange who thinks its a chicken  :facepalm:


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