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Can i trade cc items ?



So i see that we can buy cc items at Nadir. My question is, can we trate them ? Sell or that...

I know that years ago we were able to trade this items. I have some cc on my BD, but i want to buy Tested Sceptre (500cc) so if i buy this on my bd does it become personal automaticaly when going to bag ? or going personal on use. In old times that became personal only after use. Times has been changed, so thats why i ask that kind question. I want to sell that stave to my friend, cuz he is pretty noob at arena  ;D .

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They become personal upon purchase and you cannot unbind  :(


okay, then my friend is sickest player in us server, lvl 20, with 12 stave, so game has been changed more sh!t than before  :rofl:

i know that players wre selling cc items ages ago :D

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