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Campion Colosseum rework


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Since we are achiving higher levels and the Campion Colosseum its the "guild" dungeon i think it needs a rework for increase the lvl range

now the drops of the dungeon covers lvl 20-22-24-26 and we can achive the 32th level since the ship graveyard update.

the idea is to make the champion colloseum an structure with inside different entraces to different dungeons wich will be the sustitute of the usual entrance and the names will be likely the ones of the event dungeons. for example "arena of the guilds" wich drops will be same of the actual champions colloseum dungeon, in order to add an additional arena (example "arena of the coalition") wich will cover the levels 28-30-32.

additional stuff:

all the bosses of the dungeon drops an crimson corondums to spend at the possibe new traders with special new gear and costumes.

thats all i have to say so in this way the champion colosseum will be a place to always go in any point of the game beyond lvl 20 and as the guild developes

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Well, the coliseum definitely needs a rework, but, in my opinion, just in order to add new stuff or more updated stuff in, rather than upgrading it completely; I believe that features like the Alliance War deserves such kind of Radical Upgrade.


About this, this current Snow Event gave me a signal, which means that I believe they plan to make the Alliance War a proper Event, considered as Alliance vs Alliance. At this point I hope they will put a sort of chest in it or idk, something which gives good stuff for both PvP and PvE players... but that's off-topic. 

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