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It would be more fun to play an mmorpg with "WASD" control. idk if this is just me or no, im so bad at warspear when i play on pc. Its just hard to control and using skil with a mouse and a keyboard. Sometimes when u press skill with a keyboard and click with a mouse to the target, it cant click. so why not make the new movement speed t make it easier and more fun.

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I wouldn't really want that. I always take advantage when I click far away from my character for a longer trip which takes a few seconds. And those few seconds are enough for me to either type a message in a chatbox, equip all my gear when nude, use items, check territory for enemy players and etc.

Basically I'm many times faster when playing on PC, which obviously means I'm a bit rusty and uncomfortable playing on mobile because I lose many many features.


Anyways I've got off topic: Point+walk is far more suitable than W A S D.

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On 1/23/2020 at 3:26 AM, DGMK said:

Can move while casting spell sounds like unfair advantage

an advantage which everyone has is not an unfair advantage.

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