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Nah , devs aren't stupid for this ... and if i never give my id/pw to no one hardly i'll be hacked ...

Peoples asking all day : " Link staff please , Link gear please " piss me off



If i would like to recover my account i would give private infos like when/how many mcs i've buyed and that stuffs , if devs give my account to someone they are just stupids ... but i bet they would never do it -.-

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I can send devs detailed buys of mc , i can tell them the hour , how many , the day , the month , the year , everything , i can tell them exclusive things about my char that only i know  :clapping:



Ex: My mcs atm , only i know

My last mc buys , only i know

How many bag slots , only i know

What items have in bag , only i know

What was my max mc bought in a row , only i know

When i bought mcs , only i know

Who's in my friend list , only i know

How much gold i've , only i know

My reputation at chain less , only i know

My arena rating , only i know

What was my last items bought , only i know

my email adress , only i know

my last password , only i know

which chars i've created before Debuffer , only i know


I bet no one else know any of those things ...

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ppl ask all the time to link high amplified items...  sometimes like 100 times for a day... i understad at all you :D


i think  ppl want see numbers...  it's time to update the warspedia page....


ty  for the post ...! ::)

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i hate ppl askin about my stuff  :bad:

and dont worry, if someone trys to get ur acc, devs will ask them all kind of imposible question like:

-when was the last date u killed a rat wearing a troll mask with ur weapon broken and with lag?

-whats the hair colour of all the partners in your last party? or

-how many damage did you do the last time you farmed eye using a lvl 5 weapon?





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