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[2019.12.26] Contest "Greeting card - 2020"

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2019 draws to an end and, as per tradition, we’re launching a yearly contest “Greeting card - 2020”!


There will be no limitations on the ways to create a postcard: it can be a drawing with pencils or on a tablet, a modelling clay sculpture or a collage of magazine cutouts — create anything you can imagine! And remember, the more imagination you put into it, the more likely you are to win!


What needs to be put on the postcard:

1. New Year Congratulation

2. Logo/Caption "Warspear Online"


Don’t forget the main rule: one contestant — one application.


In your works, you can use any attributes of the World Creation Day: screenshots of the Snow Boundary territories, characters, suits and anything else that you can think of (within reason).


Up to the 10th of January you will need to create a topic in this forum section with the name as “[Your character name] — [Server]” and attach your postcard there.


Prizes will be as follows:

1 place - 100 Caches of Eternal Winter + any item of equipment from the Snow Boundary

2 place - 85 Caches of Eternal Winter + any costume from the White Wanderer's Legendary Chest

3 place - 70 Caches of Eternal Winter + "Unicorns" Smileys

4 place - 60 Caches of Eternal Winter 

5 place - 50 Caches of Eternal Winter  


Don’t forget about the consolation prize. If your work will not find its place among the prize place, but is still worthy of attention, we will surely send you 10 Caches of Eternal Winter


We will decide on and announce the winners no later than the 17th of January.


Happy holidays!


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