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Simple and convenient suggestions


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Hello, I'll have a request, i hope I'm writing in the right place. 
In-game purchase section, i.e. when shopping at the dealer's site, press the buy button and make a check window that can prevent him from buying immediately 
Because he's making a purchase as soon as we touch it, and we know how to touch it by mistake. 
Many users, even thousands of people have experienced this 
You know gold isn't easy to win. 
2. My suggestion is that when you trade with friends, instead of passing things together 
I think it would be easier if we opened something bag-style and picked it up and traded the exchange. 
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Yes, I was thinking both of your suggestions to write here.


These improvements seems easy and are really useful developments. Especially the tradition one. 

It is really annoying to select items on that one rowed interface. it would be really good to chose from an interface like our bag,

as @0sloarg7 mentioned.


Please consider them, thanks.

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the first its already existing on android cause it opens googleplay and i cant imagine dont have it.

for the trade im totaly with you cause it becomes crazy afther you get many items (same with deposit in guid storage)


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