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ihave story this story will tell u my problem

one day iwas playing and someone was know he will get ban then he gave me his acc

then me who got ban but not any ban

its (Computer Ban) please help me just ban his acc called (Vrryocc) and ( Kaleb) 

and leave me alone and stop my computer ban please

ihave 2 accounts ranger lvl 19 called ( Headshots) and (Marwanrayan) my bank

and if u dont trust ihave the Gmail




please reply me fast and help me

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Dude, I have already replied you. These kind of things are not sorted out through the forum. If you have already contacted the support team and you have checked you email inbox (included the spam folder) but nothing is there, then you have to wait. 


The topic was opened on wednesday, if you have already contacted them we can suppose that from wednesday to Friday this is 2 working* days. Back then I had told you that an answer might take up to working days, so you might start to expect an answer starting from tuesday, which means tomorrow. Sending a new message will not speed up the process, actually, it would just slow it down even more, cause your letter will go to the bottom of the queue once again.


I invite then, once again, to be patient and wait for an answer. I bid you a nice day. 


*Working days equals from Monday to Friday

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