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sea tramps' lair guide

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*the guide its not completed as soon as possible i will complete it with screenshots and for some eventual error or the way u do it its better (if its because of a specific class like warden dont even say it, same with all others)*

Guide for sea tramp's lair (all difficulties)

if u didn't know, sea tramp's lair is the dungeon of the ship graveyard (where is located the 5fth town of Avyondill). The dungeon is located on the north of the ship graveyard, on the loney island. It is required for complete the chain of the quests that unlock the mermens daylies, gain mermen rep up to 600/day, loot pirate chest keys and gp n loot as all dgs.

Few more things before i start explain how do every difficulty

its better go in pt wich has a good synergy, so try focus on HOW the player is a bit more of just the stats

there are some enemys u can meet wich are not target but needs to be considered:


  • Crick weeds: weak tier low dmg n hp, do all you can to do not kill it bc on death spawns 3 enemys wich got high penetration, crit and crit dmg. Can easly kill the party

  • Mushrooms: strong tier, them will deal dmg to everyone in thier range and as a chance to apply poison/ -90%skillcoldown speed depending on the color: green for poison and dark purple for the less cooldown speed try to dont get the less cooldown effect, specialy for tanks and healer since will make u a almost useless

  • Death bringers: strong tier, figth it only when ur forced, figth multiple can lead to party death cause they cast life exaust skill on the main target and then another player, suggested have a area heal in the difficulties that them there are

  • Bats: strong tier, can look harmless with thier 2k hp but in group are ur tanks doom for both dps gain and the chance to get place locked by too many hits so kill them whiout mercy adn remember that them got high lifesteal

  • Angler fishes: elite tier, have a low dmg but thier critical dmg higly increased remember: even if them are signed as enemys, them will act as an neutrual enemy

Easy difficulty (pirate rep for enter: 700)

the first and the easiest difficulty of the dungeon, ur targets are the kadriza (also target of battle with kadriza quest) and thier spawns. The spawns gain an high dmgreduction and 1k heal recovery evry 5 secs when are togehter (1 in a kinda 4 yards radius). The most simple way is the tank cast aggro on them and one by one the dmgs stuns the same target and kill it while the tank takes the other away, removing the effect, or else if u are in sync with eachother the tank takes only the target aggro of the mobs and the dmgs targets one by making it instantly target the attacker and at the same by healing the tank only when really nedded then for kadriza its not a big deal, find her in the lower part of the area it is located cause it will be invisible and for spot it out u need hit it or get aimed by it. For the dungeon take all the dmg u can cause the creatures are weak, 1 tanks 3 dmgs 1 heal

Drops (the one that are good and unique from other dgs):

lvl 29 rings sea themed, the stats are good specialyfor for the templar/defender of the sea tramps rings wich are the best avaible rn

mermen rep reward:20

Normal difficulty ( pirate rep for enter:1500)

for the normal difficulty ur targets are the chaos spawn and the dragosaurus ( target off battle with dragosaurus quest), in the dg theres bats and deathbringer so make caution while going araund. Afther have killed the spawn of caos go to the dragosaurus area but before that, destroy the campfire at the entrace of the area and use the buff gave by it for remove the buff from one deathbringer (wich are buffed with a buff wich makes dmg gained transformed onto extra life and instead of use life exaust they use paladins prayer on an thier ally) kill it and then drag the boss down by trying to dont make the other deathbringer come, for the rest the boss battle its not that hard for this dg go with a usual party with 1 tanks 2/3 dmgs 1/2 heals note when the boss gains a buff wich will make take 90% less dmg to stop attack, you will just heal him


lv 29 amulets and capes sea themed, the stats are good still great the defender cape cause it gives parry,enegy regenation and magic defence and the templar, defender and attacker amulet cause them got energy regeneration wich is great for mentain an high skill spam

rep reward: 30


Hard difficulty ( pirate rep for enter:3700)

this is the hardest difficulty of the dungeon meaning of survability the target of the dungeon is the leviatan (target of the quest battle with leviatan). For go foward in the dungeon u need kill the path fishes and tentacle carrier wich are immune to area dmg and being targeted (but them still can aim you) till u dont destroy all the spider clutch(eggs) in the area, but caution the clutch will spawn strong spiders over time so if it dosent get destroyed in time the party is doomed note that for the first 2 parts the spiders wont die with the clutch destrucion wich them will happen foward, for the boss battle its the easiest battle u can face in the sea tramp's lair just destroy the clutch the leviatan summons and you will be fine, for this dungeon consider to biring 2 tanks and 1 healer wich is capable to revive allies for the remaining slots dmgs, but if ur party takes 1 tank 3 dmgs wich are heavy hit skills at single target and 1 heal capable to revive if ur party has a good synergy and can reach the eggs fast note that in the dungeon there are many crick weeds wich are connected, meanng if one of them aim u all comes by making the life hard and by making the cast of any area dmg skill the party's end


lvl 29 sea tramp themed armors, the heavy armor can be used for a full cd tank set and the ligth boots are ideal for the classes with high energy use

rep reward: 60

Heroic difficulty (pirater rep for enter:5000)

this is what i consider the hardest dg to 1 stam of the sea tramps lair, you have to kill kutulu (target of the quest battle with greath ctulu) for complete it, but it is guarded by all the bosses u fougth previosly and you have 2 choices: go yolo with a op tank and heals or kill all the spirits in the nearby areas for make the bosses on the kutulu room (wich are easy to kill) the only one needs a info its the dragosaurus wich u need to kill the chaos spawn and its guarded by the buffed deathbringers lucky there are campfires araund the dg so destroy the one in the area rigth bellow to it and tothe same trick note that for do it u need be lucky af or use dot dmg skill on him run back and change area for remove all the aims on you, let the fot trigger wich will make the dragosaurus come to you, then for the battle with great kutulu caution when it cast life exaust on the party, making it die on time, and at every abaut 30% hp it will summon 3 chitonic angler fishes araund it and till them are alive it is invicble like the tentacle carrier and fishpaths but also he wont get healed by life exaust note that the chitonic angler fishes got low base dmg but an insane critical dmg capable to deal 2.5k hp easly if dont have any talents/equip for it to the tanks (couting the one given by physical defence) wich means instant death to most healers and dmgs


lvl 29 sea tramps themed weapons, generaly good stats for all trypes

mermen rep reward: 120


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