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From a girl with a broken heart to another ​💔​

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My message to Katrina:


Dear sweet girl,

With a gypsy soul and a flaming heart,

Understand, it’s not your fault

It's time to leave it apart


You loved him with your heart and soul

You gave him everything

But wasn’t enough

Don’t cry my Darling, you are a queen

He doesn’t deserve you, he wasn’t your king


I imagine you are asking “why?”

We do everything for the one whom we love and that’s what we receive?

Sometimes  it’s not mutual, I know, it’s pretty hurts

It’s like not even death can end this love

“Oh no, I lost my love, there is nothing to lose!”

But remember, he was the one who choose


The median night is falling

Look at the shining of the stars

He will regret for leaving you my darling

But will be a little too late

Your soul will break free from this love

And you will love again

But never forget, love is pain 💔


Ps: C'mon Katrina! Let's drink some wine at Irselnort's tavern, girl! 😉


Katyparry - BR Tourmaline



Katrina contest.png

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