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Baron's letter for Katrina

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I can never express how sorry I am
for not showing myself on the altar.
And so I sincerely ask for forgiveness,
and hope to see you be freed from loneliness.


Leaving you that day was not easy,
but Death has found it's way to decieve me.
He said I can be the King of the world,
only if I give him something as great as his offer.


Katrina, I can never think of anything great in this world,
I hold no precious thing to equate Deaths offer.
But you came and your love for me was so great,
it was genuine, so powerful and it made me change.


I became greedy and sacrificed your love for power,
I never think of how much pain it will cause you over.
Only now I have realized what I have done,
and now I am willing to end this all just to be with you again my love.


You changed me, you turned me into the best of me.
I am the luckiest when you loved me.
It's now my turn to sacrifice something 
so we can be together again.


Katrina, as the Circus ends, I am willing to accept my fate.
Death, he may have won in separatings us.
But we both know our hearts never cease to love.
Forgive me, my bethroted. 

I will give up my power, stop crying now mi amor.
Do not forget me, please forgive me.
My love, my bethroted, my Katrina.







Contents all originally made by me. 


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