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[2019.12.09] Game servers stop. Farewell to the Median Night holiday!

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UPD: The servers are running!


It's time to say goodbye to the Horror Circus: on Tuesday, 10.12.2019, at 08:00 CET our game servers will be stopped due to the end of the Median Night holiday.


The game will be unavailable for about 3 hours.


Please, don't plan anything significant in the game at this time.


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  • Holmes changed the title to [2019.12.09] Game servers stop. Farewell to the Median Night holiday!
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12 minutes ago, Hosein23 said:

hmmm but i wish snow events be solo dgs ..😅

I liked the idea, but I think some people will prefer the traditional dgs... Maybe they can keep both types of dungeons by placing the solo dgs in underground caves (along with the bosses) and the traditional dgs on the normal map. This would suit everyone's wishes and not make the map too long...

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7 hours ago, f4348357 said:

why the restart time is different with announcement in game here?  

game announcement show 15:00 CET

I'm sorry, we made a mistake, I'm sorry. But at least you got to enjoy it a bit longer! :happy:

7 hours ago, Aezakmi69 said:

Just make a ress statue near dgat sniw event.

Hm.. I can ask about it, but I can't give you the final answer before the update, ok? 🙂

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19 hours ago, coldravens said:

larona event will be missed:boohoo-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:.See ya next year horror circus:bye:

and wellcome snow event after 2-3 weeks:pin3:, in conclusion, i got bloodtursty pupet, 3 dmg capes 2 dmg amylets and 2 30lvl lifesteal axes. im happy


Heja! Great drops! 

I'm not sure if they will bring La Llorona back next year, but we will have something equally as nice for sure :smile:  I mean that developers don't often repeat the themes, but well, the future is not set yet. 

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