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Katrina, Goddess of Death

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Server: US Sapphire

Name: Pinkeyeman


Dear Katrina, mistress of all evil

You heart is dark, and cruelty is full

You might wonder why I am writing this

You live among us, Ignorance is bliss


I’ve followed you closely, learning a lot

From the way you speak to the way you smile

I’ve learned every move and your every thought

I’ve never felt so much fear in a while


Your beauty is unmatched, even by God

And your voice can make an angel’s sound thin

But I know deep down that you are a fraud

And your song lures prey, much like a siren


From the rich to the poor, no one is free

Those who think they are smart are soon to learn

You do not know the concept of mercy

Just the look on your face, watching them burn


But please do not think that I mean you wrong

The hatred and fear you bring has its lure

When mortals scream, all I hear is a song

Total loyalty is what I’ll assure


To you I insist, I’ll be your right hand

Please accept me, it is surely a must

Together us two will destroy this land

There’s nothing I won’t do to earn your trust


Ill strike down the ones who damage your name

Ill burn down the temples of those who worship

Ill follow your words, without any shame

No one will be spared, ill let no one slip


They’ll worship you as they do to your books

They’ll treat you like a queen all throughout time

They’ll say they’ll enjoy it, with words and looks

And lying about it would be a crime


So please let me in and let me be yours

And I will pledge to you my every breath

I won’t stop until I’ve done all the chores

Granted by Katrina, goddess of death

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