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Necromancer- Energry expanse

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Hi, the skils balance was changed in Necro mana absorbed by the skill .. I dont know who invented it, but I did not take into account the fact that Necro in PvP set is only 170mana, and the use of absorbing 28mana Nightmares. Necro also uses a shield and heal (approximately 36mana). Using these 3skils i waste 64mana . Necro now is the worst class. I hope you do something about it

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Yes i talk about it too...


Now necros very weak


our power is low mana cost to defend yourself


how we can fight if we cant protect now anyone


19 (poison)+ 12(deadly stare) (x2) + 28(nightmare) + 22 (bone shield)+ 14(ancient seal) = WTF  :facepalm: !  107 Mana!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PVP SET 170 mana!!




u call this balance? if yes  Shanam shoud pay 34 mana for heal


necro before pay 5mana now is 14  ,one point less and its like 3 x more mana...

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The mana " balance " is a fail in my opinion.

My Rogue's mana is 117, Dodge > Stealth > Merciless > Kick in back > Gouge is already 92 of my mana, 1 skill is 15%.

I was forced to use 2 Mana regen on rings, thus ducking up my Penetration which we melees really need.

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the new mana consume is pure fail :facepalm:

i used to complain how they killed word power with mana regen now word power became the most OP skill of the game :facepalm:

you know Godspd? i defeated him 1on1 in arena with lvl12 staff :crazy:

he has properly 170 mana and he lost half of his mana just by healing,blinding lol :facepalm:

1 word power and he manaless for the rest of the fight and btw i want to confirm sange report that word power DO make mana goes under 0 if enemy has mana less then what word power consume

in arena DKs and rogues are skillsless cuz all what i really need is 1 word power and survive 1 skills cicle and there you go enemy cant do a shit :facepalm:

rangers how ever most of them only relie on 2 skills trap and blessing so i never been able to drain a ranger mana to 0 in arena

palas and mages and locks are offcially quiting using skills, really 1 word power and enemy use 2 or 3 skills (which mages,palas,locks have to do though most of their skills usefull even on lvl1) and enemy has 0 mana :facepalm:

this is absolute joke do you balance ultra wacky mana regen by ultra super wacky mana consume? :facepalm:

if you want things balanced either make mana x2 then they are now or give us back the lovely mana systen we had even before the crazy mana regen


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Serious, this is the worse game ever when some mc/forsaken players complain but not to be listened, and the funny thing is when elves complain, they listen them and take actions so fast. They are not human maybe, the Game Evilmaster.


as i said you need serius help :facepalm:

all classes became shit cause of new mana consume pls try to face amage who doesnt loss all his mana in 1 or 2 skills cycles

the new mana cosumtion is shitty but necros with high regen still have upper hand against other classes

how ever what we all agrea they doubled mana regen and doubled mana consum(or tripled ;D )

so they have to double max mana too even though that would look so childish so i prefere return the old system before the wacky mana regen came up :drinks:

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