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Its not that hard, you just go to t1 and teleport to swamps :lol:


lol if that is the reason why the topic Auther made it for then you have the cheap vodka to blame :rofl:
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Lol im not sure about that


1 time i come to kottarava 3 time arow.. ::)

1 time i needed 3 or more  hours to come to kottarava :facepalm: :facepalm:

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lol 2days ago sentiels in EU dreamed to finish haydra :facepalm:

it is about luck,time,population of sentiels and legionaries

even though yesterday there was sentiel party and legion party in haydra and we was fine with it and sentiels and legionaries didnt attack each other in haydra for like 2h :)

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Really stupid how people attack each other in such situations. Better when kota was rare, atleast you don't expect to die each teleport.

And seriously what's up with the fact that a lv 20 bd or ranger will ALWAYS attack?

If kill someone in kota it's just to prevent ganking after few minutes or cuz I know he is bad news.

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