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bugged the max


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Whats with this latest caching..??


I created a rogue to lvl10 just to find out i need to re-create..?? :facepalm:

My ms skill is hopelessly unbelievably doing max hits of 0! u see that "!" crit hit of wtf..!!  :rofl:


And then theres my shamman.. OMFGOSH

the prick cant heal himself or others.. its an insult to gank mode..

like when i tried to gank but then got ganked not realising my heal dont exist.. it dont even show the heal icon below my name when skill is activated..


Monday 4th is such a long way to wait.. in these cases it causes down rating of "suggested apps"

especially for weekly paying customers such as myself come to forum cryin..


Wew look im cryin.. lolz

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