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can anyone make me an account


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I've been scammed a couples times but I'm tired of ppl say.learn ur lesson the first time u get scammed that's on you.I know but can anyone be kind enough to make me and account any faction please I really like warspear. please please make me an account. :facepalm: :sorry:


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Sorry but.. lmfao. You think someone will level you an account after just having admitted (in the same paragraph) you consistently fall victim to scams? Besides it is against tos to engage in such activity.


If you want to continue playing warspear stop being lazy, stop being dumb, trust no one.


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:facepalm:  Lol seriously, it's your fault that you got scammed so many times. And i highly doubt anyone here would create a new acc and lvl it up just for you, i suggest u go create a new account and stop trusting such people.

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