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Dk magic two hands

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aside from the bad google translation, i'm gonna say what i feel about magic dk's

in a simpler term you would be "a Jack of all trades, a Master of none"

while a magic dk would be cool on paper, its really functional in reality could be questioned

i mean... why? why would you go with such build if there is a build that do what you want but better

with a 800 magic dmg dk the only skill you mentioned that use magic dmg is "called"(which i'm gonna presume you mean death call)

which its magic dmg is not that great but you can still get benefits out of its aggro without magic dmg

you can't use this build as a damager, you won't hold a candle against hunters and rogues

i guess you can use it to solo hunt bosses, but different builds do the same

you might pull it off in PvP and arena with sharp shadow and blow of silence, thou i question it reliability

the build you provided have 0% block and too low of an solidity for a tank, plus you gonna hit really slow with that 2 handed weapon, taking away the chance of life stealing out of auto attacks, i mean you could spam skills but most of them would go resisted by bosses


this is just my personal rambling thoughts about magic dks since i have a really conflicted feeling about it...

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