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Boss drops v1.0


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the slimeee it dieee  :crazy: , http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=36.630, look it, the page of russian topic, page 43, slime dead, it means he drop the cloak of emperor?  :mega_shok:

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rune from animatet armors :P rest we know from what  :wacko:  (this time English version Well-tried halberd)


what boss drop Well-tried halberd ?  Guntram or Dragon or Lambert. thanks
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Boss can kill.

You just need a long time to kill him when he is 0 health and he does not die.

Then he restored health, and you hit it again.

When he left 0 health, he dies.

On the server, RU-Amber has knocked about a hundred coats. ;)

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Dammit.. russians are too lucky  :cray:


Вас намного меньше, и поверьте, это намного лучше..

У нас нет ни одного игрока собравшего полный костюм Беренгара..


It is much less, and believe me, it is much better ..

We do not have one player to build a complete costume Berengar

Sorry for literacy :blush:

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"Yes we can!!!"



Thanks to Shyleen, Mercurial, Godly, Livestock, Vic, Siwers, Flamelife, Dior, Ilovemusic, Berticus, Knox, Iww, Mattus, Klahadon, Rexdevil (please forgive me if I forgot the other).

We killed it twice.


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really fun boss drop rate is 100% one cloak for a random party member idk who attacked the first time but slay got it. second time i hit first and vic got :D. boss is easy but time consuming.


  kill the animated armors first  after that start attacking boss you just have to keep hitting the boss till he dies even after his hp is 0(some hp is hidden) he will regain health  and continue attacking  till his hp is 0 again he will die then.

  when the animated horrors respawn during the fight pull them to bottom corners and kill and 2-3 should keep hitting boss  running around while others quicky kill animated and get back to boss. thats all this is a general strategy u can always find a better way.


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still no drops from any boss :( only got a incomplete rune of moon from animated  :cray: :cray: and now nobody sells any items they only trade with other items damn im screwed :facepalm:

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After 6hours of farming at genie...


Опубликованное фото


And another guy got a cloist axe...


I mean.. after 6hours we just got a dirk and an axe wich we cant use.

Maybe was an unlucky day... because the party wich was to granit got in one hour.. 2 glad (same guy) axe and dirk... maybe yea.. but its really sad  :(

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