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About the item amplification system.

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Hello AIGRIND! I would like to suggest something important for the game Warspear. The amplification system of the items is quite frustrating, so they should make a modification.
I am a good client (you can check my purchase history on the *****@gmail.com profile). So I have to say that the item amplification system does not encourage the player to buy miraculous coins, because just thinking that the hundreds of "stamp" can be spent without results, makes you not willing to invest more in the game.
Therefore, I suggest the following:

Armor Amplification:

+ 2, +3, +4, +5: 1 stamp - 1 sphere
+6: 10 stamp - 10 sphere
+7: 30 stamp - 30 sphere
+8: 50 stamp - 50 sphere
+9: 100 stamp - 100 sphere
+10: 300 stamp - 300 sphere

Weapon Amplification:

+2, +3, +4, +5: 2 stamp - 2 sphere
+ 6: 10 stamp - 10 sphere
+7: 50 stamp - 50 sphere
+8: 100 stamp - 100 sphere
+9: 200 stamp - 200 sphere
+10: 500 stamp - 500 sphere

You'll see how the game gets busier; with a better economy; more fun because they will have more strong characters; Players will be encouraged to have various types of equipment which will make them buy more miracle coins. Everyone will win both AIGRIND and players.
I have other simple suggestions that will make Warspear one of the best games ever created.

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