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Help me skill build

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On 11/16/2019 at 4:03 PM, Paladkik said:

Help me please.

I want to know skill build






4 hours ago, Paladkik said:

and expert skill please


I would recommend speed Blade Dancer build if you want full PvE build. Surely the skill build gonna be depend on your level. If you going for Level 32;


Basic skills: Flash strike 5/5,Hamstring 3/5,Sap:5/5


Expert skills: Power of blades 4/4 (gives you %40 attack strength which increase your auto attacks)

Strike hurricane 4/4 (gives you %15 speed+%15 cd)

Englightment 4/4 (gives you %15 accuracy + dodge)



Just not sure about the % of Enlightment skill,rest is like that.

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PVE/PVP(hybrid build if u ask me): 5/5 ``Sap``, 5/5 ``Parry``, 3/5 ``Hamstring`` for basic skills, Expert skill 4/4 ``Rush`` for stun but mostly agro, 4/4 ``PoB`` (PoB outdmg ``Flashstrike`` any day) and 4/4 ``Hurricane`` for both 15% speed and cooldown stat.


You can always change few skill points if you dont like the build, like put ``Parry`` from 5/5 to 3/5 for 2 points to ``Hamstring`` and make it 5/5(Longer stun/more dmg).


If you are into solo pvp and dont like speed and cooldown build for it, you can change ``Hurricane`` to ``Mark of the blade`` which increases your penetration stat and lower the targets parry and dodge.


People also like dodge/parry builds. 5/5 ``Parry``, 5/5 ``Sap``, 3/5 ``Hamstring``, 4/4 ``rush``, 4/4 ``PoB``, 4/4 ``Enlightment``(you get 17% accurancy and 15% dodge). Myself i never seen this build work much in pvp with all the rewards out there now. But it might be a good tank build for PVE(only way to know is to try.


I always gone with the first build i mentioned and never had any problems tanking, dmging or taking agro if i had to.



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