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Increase party size

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before i start, im sorry for the grammar mistakes and i ask u to understand cause its not my native language (im italian)

Im here to suggest an increase the maximun amaunt of players in a party for these reasons:

  1. basicaly for raid bosses like black elm, engeneer and general ocotopus if dont have an really strong/overpowered pt
  2. i just like the idea of raid stuff with alot of players and evryone has the chance to loot something cool 
  3. it would give the chance in the arena to create a new gamemode wich simulates the wars (but with only 1 banner on each side)
  4. make the game WAY more free 2 play and fun

  i also saw that in the past the party size allowed were higher (kinda 8 players) and i think its a great idea increase it from 5 to 9 in way to basicaly allow all the stuff i mentonied before

heres and screenshot from the russian forum

ÐпÑбликованное ÑоÑо

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