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Arena lv6

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I wanted to know what is the best bow for a ranger? And where can I find it?

I guess first max Powerful Shot?

I think the best items. If there is a better item please correct me.

Head Simple mask 45arm 0,6% Accuracy

Chest Simple Armor 51arm 41HP

Gloves, belt and boots best for aren points

Cloak Simple Magical Cloak 48arm 0,6% dodge

Rings Simple Ring of Resistance 6 hp5 41 dark resist

Neck Simple Amulet of Speed 0,8% Attack Speed 0,7% dodge

All items are no improvements



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Witch's Arrowshooter Lv5 is the best bow, but very rare.


Or buy novice rangers outfit,it have some good stuff,and the amp those items.

Yes powerful shot should be lvled up and those ring you mentioned,also try to enchant all items.


Good luck  :drinks:

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Lv5 Whitch Arrowshooter, I have one myself and it's awesome. My arena partner uses it aswel and with +9 he crits 670-680.  :shok:

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