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Rework and Balance to Water Elemental, (Druid New Skill)

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As we all know today we can say that it is one, but the weakest skill of the druids, since comparing with the current power levels of the game the damage it causes (600 to +4) and the little resistance and durability that it presents to the not even exceeding 2 thousand HP we can not even consider it as a distraction for the PVE because instead of helping us, the summon, due we can not control it at all the minion can end up attacking and attracting more than we can handle and for the PVP since most characters can eliminate it in just 1 sec.

This was just a small analysis of why you should consider a possible change to the skill

Now my suggestion for it is as follows:


Following the same lore of the druids and respecting the theory of an invocation which is extremely common in druids in most games that use them as a playable character.
I would like to propose a passive / active skill called "Metamorphosis"


That would have a very simple operation but at the same time it can be useful for the survival of the druid in multiple situations

It would work so that when the druid reaches a certain percentage of life (30% of its maximum life for example) the druid automatically activates the passive  "metamorphosis" that instantly regenerate a percentage of Hp based on the maximum life of each character and increasing its defenses for a short period of time, it will give the druid a few seconds to reposition and ensure its survival.


Of course a skill like this should only be able to attend under certain conditions and that's what I mean by passive / active, since the skill could only activate every certain period of time and not every time the Druid's life reaches 30%


That would be the basic functioning of the skill, it is nothing new sincerely but it is something that I think could bring the Druids back to life.

If you manage to take it into account I would appreciate it very much and without further adding with this I would conclude my suggestion.


Thank you very much for your time and for this great game called Warspear.

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think that the charmer's call skill at max it summon an creature with less of 2k hp and thier chaos call dosent even have ons of hp, also all classes has thier weak skill, in a way or another, also think to all the other skills the druid has.

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