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Warlock at lvl 10 or 14

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Most would say 14 but before you go there,



+ You can get full lv9 set for a cheaper price

+ With the cheap equipments with HP stats you'd most likely win more than at 14s unless you can afford lv13 cloth equips with HP stats

- Low Arena points from winning



+ More Arena points from winning

- Cloth equipment with HP costs A LOT of gold, if you use the ones without HP you would most likely die in 3 seconds in your arenas.

- Expensive



Go 14 if you have enough Gold to buy full lv13 set with HP stats, which costs ALLOT

If you don't have that much gold then stay at 10.

Though if you find a good partner that could protect you at 14s like a Shaman in full Astral set or another Warlock then go for it.

Hope this helped, Goodluck.

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