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[2019.10.30] Game servers restart. Welcome update 8.1!

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3 hours ago, Higgings said:

Predicted! :wind:

You were Right Hahaha. 


3 hours ago, Holmes said:

Dear players!


On Thursday, 31.10.2019, our game servers will be restarted at 08:00 CET due to the game update.


The game will be unavailable for about 6-8 hours.


Please, don't plan anything significant in the game at this time.


See you!


Nice. Hopefully its done by time I wake up and it isnt 8 hours...

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Hi there guyz... please enlighten me... is there anyway to avoid the hallow dg boss life exaust? Because if it isn't, please explain to me what use is the "relaxation" skill for warlock if you're gonna keep bringing bosses that disable it all time?




But I'm Really looking forward to the event

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  • Akasha changed the title to [2019.10.30] Se reinician los servidores del juego. ¡Bienvenido actualización 8.1!
35 minutes ago, Higgings said:

Could you look at this please

Here we go:

"Día de Muertos" in fact it is the most correct. If we analyse the grammar, when we add "los" we imply that we're reffering to some specific dead people,and not all dead people. But the holiday is the day of all dead, not some dead. But nobody really thinks that when they listen "Día de los muertos", because we use the common sense that this is about all dead anyway. Both are correct then. 

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45 minutes ago, Danfake said:


I know this point isn't as relevant, but the translation or expression is wrong in Spanish. 

 "Día de muertos" It would have to be "Día de los muertos" 

Again, both cases are grammatically correct. I would dare to say that every latin languages you may or may not use "los" "os", it is up to what you really mean, whether it sounds better or not. The title was smaller that way, that's why. e.g. Dia d'os mortos = dia de los muertos/ Dia de mortos = Día de muertos.. 

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48 minutes ago, Higgings said:

Could you look at this please

@Danfake there is no time to change, I'm sorry. Besides there is no grammatical crime there.


Spanish translations will never please everyone. The language itself changes its rules from place to place. (I understand the basis on every Latin language except Romanian) Arguing on Spanish is the worst discussion we could ever have here. Let's not 🙏

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7 minutes ago, Darkcaller said:

Heyyyyy my friend!🤗 This year u and all of your team have done amazing work😍 I love it and I can't wait what surprises will be in next eavent! Hopefully, u will continue with that amazing stuff😍😍😍 thank you all so much, love you❤️🤗

Thank you :love1:

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2 minutes ago, Akasha said:

now :magic-right-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:



Interesting 😁

37 minutes ago, bhaghyaraj said:

It's been a decade and you guys still haven't found a way to optimize the release process... Feeling sad for your development team...😑


I hope the GM will improve this. 


IF it is really hard to update the 2D game, they should make a video about the team behind it, it would help for sympathy towards the team 🙂

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