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[2019.10.28] Update Warspear Online 8.1: Celebration of the Dead. Preview


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Wow! The most ominous time in Arinar, the Median Night, is approaching! This year, Sam Hain invites you to visit the mysterious island, where you will learn about festive ancient traditions of the underworld and together with the dwellers dive into the atmosphere of the Day of the Dead. Ready to have some fun? Then let’s begin!




One shouldn’t wander alone, away from the fires in such a night! Let me guide you to the Circus! Believe it or not, it has been a while since I felt so scared. And no one would dare call Barker a coward! But this year the Master decided to set up the Circus here, in this godforsaken land. The locals tell gloomy stories. Have you heard about the Day of the Dead? Neither have I. But here everyone believes in it, the kids and the elderly alike! It is said that once a year, right on the Median Night, the dead leave their world and return for a little while to the world of the living. Think it’s just some old wives’ tales? I thought so myself, until I’ve met an entire horde of inhabitants of the world of the dead. They are everywhere! At each gravestone, beside each altar… The one commanding them is called Baron Saturday. The word is that the our Master owes him for something, and the Baron has come for him from the place there is usually no going back from. What’s with the pale face, friend? Wanna get to the Circus faster? Run right ahead! And if you’d want to learn the rest of the story, look for me among the multicolored marquees!


On this holiday you will find exciting rides, frightful dungeons, dynamic and guild events - in the open world, in dedicated and GvG areas, fascinating quests, new achievements, horrendous bosses and unthinkable rewards! 


Holiday Quests

Can you feel the chill of the tomb? The doors to the spirit realm are already open, and Sam Hain knows that Baron Saturday has come for him. But everyone should be afraid of the evil plans of the villain, because he does not mind taking with him anyone who decides to defend the Prince of the Median Night…You have to solve the mystery of the Master of the crossroads between the worlds of the dead and the living, but try not to find yourself in a place, where there is no way out…





Besides main storyline, in which you will discover the Baron’s past and find his weaknesses, there will be new daily quests that are connected to the Day of the Dead's celebration. You will have to kill dead men, gather multicolored skulls and flowers of the dead, treat monsters with agave juice and tear hearts from their chests, and also accept gifts from prisoners of Dungeon. Honor the dead by completing festive quests!

Also remember that regardless of the event, you can always have some fun by killing players of opposite Alliance on the island!




"Dead Man's Grin" Tavern

And if you want real fun, you should visit the tavern of the gloomy innkeeper, because this year it will be very boisterous! While before there were only warriors who were only gaining strength, now the doors are open to everyone. And even the strongest heroes of Arinar will be able to compare their skills and abilities in battle to the opposite Alliance!



The story of The Baron's bride is very tragic, but do not be fooled by the tears of this misguided lady! She was filled with hatred and now dreams only of all the people suffering with her. Try to get rid of Katrina as soon as possible to stop the torment of both her and those innocent dwellers, which she took with her to the Dungeon.


Even the Baron Saturday’s heart used to have a place for love. Many years ago he was to wed his betrothed, the beautiful Katrina, who he loved more than anything. However, in the day of the ceremony, the Baron did not come to the altar and betrayed his bride. Katrina’s love was the first sacrifice that he offered to death itself. But the Baron didn’t forget his lady —  to this day she is imprisoned in a grim dungeon. There she weeps for her betrayed love, alongside other prisoners who she tricked into her dungeon, just not to be alone anymore. The suffering of Katrina and her captives multiply the power of the Baron. Will there be any heroes to put an end to this misery?

To successfully complete Dungeon you will need to not only kill Baron’s bride, but also fulfill requests of the martyrs that you will meet on your way. But be on alert, because misguided women are the most dangerous creatures in the world! And only those, who won’t be afraid of the enraged Katrina, will get incredible rewards!






World dynamic event “Baron's Tricks”

Do not miss the main event of the holiday! The inhabitants of Arinar are well prepared for this day, so entertainment and pleasant surprises await both the dead and the living. Except that Baron Saturday decided, as always, to spoil everything. You should prevent his machinations, so that the fun is not overshadowed by disaster. Be careful and watch your every step: traps can be anywhere!


First stage “Spoiled treats”

From time immemorial, special bread is baked on the Day of the Dead, which is shared with guests from the world of the dead. Baron Saturday plans to poison the sacks with flour to make the deceased despondent. Find the bags of poisonous flour in old pantries and burn them all!



Second stage “Ghostly trails”

The dead enter the world of the living guided by special lighthouses. Sordid Baron Saturday sent his minions to detain the dead on the trail. Protect the souls of ancestors by helping them get to the lighthouses.



Third stage “Playing with fire”

Insidious Baron Saturday summoned from the world of the dead skeletons demomen, who brought with them some nightmare incendiary bombs! If they are not stopped, the skeletons will get to the showmen tent on the Dark Edge and burn it to the ground!



Fourth stage “Stuffing surprise”

Baron Saturday decided to poison one of the main symbols of the holiday - the Pinata. The villain unleashed terrible parasites on her. The damaged toy will have to be destroyed in order to prevent the infection from spreading throughout the Circus!



Fifth stage “Horned madness”

The tricks of Baron Saturday are getting meaner and crazier! He disrupted the festive rodeo when he enclosed a powerful demon in the body of a buffalo, who struck the flock with madness. Only the most dexterous bullfighters will be able to defeat the mad bull!



Sixth stage “Deadly toy”

Baron Saturday decided to play a trick on his granny and turned the doll charm that she made into a merciless killer. And now the toy came to life and craves the blood of the living. The evil doll must be destroyed!



Restart time: on schedule


Tournament Guild event on GvG-territory “Treasures of Count Onofre”

For years, no one could rid the locals of the cursed Count and his pack of fire monsters, but aren't the warriors of Arinar are the ones who would be able to resist this demon? Prove the strength of your Guild, raise your weapons and go! The battle promises to be scorching, because you have to not only battle with other warriors and various monsters, but also light all the memorial bowls in the cemetery in order to get the main villains out of the darkest corners. And only the best of the best will earn a reward from the rich treasury of the Count!

Long ago, these lands were owned by Count Onofre, who had a horrible curse put on him. At nights, he transformed into a giant horned demon and his scream attracted packs of fiery hounds. Leading those packs, the Count terrified all nearby villages. Since then, many years have passed and the Count’s castle is no more. But once a year, during the Median Night, Count Onofre is coming back to his grave in his demon form, reminding the people of his past greatness. It is said that countless treasures of his pillage are hidden somewhere on the graveyard. Impenetrable darkness is covering the grim fences of the graveyard — only the fire burning in stone bowls, lit in reverence to the fiery pack of Onofre can lift the veil of eternal darkness. But who knows, whose attention this fire will draw?




The main goal of this event for your Guild is to destroy the maximum number of monsters that you will meet on your way. You will receive points for each of them, depending on the strength of the killed creature. Normal, strong and elite monsters will bring your Guild from 2 to 25 points, and their respawn time will be from 20 to 100 seconds. But if you are interested in more serious figures in the tournament table, you will have to try hard. 


We’d like to point out that there are special locations with memorial bowls on the event’s territory. This is not an accident. After every kill of the monster your hero will get a buff. When you gather 5 of those, above character’s head there will be burning candle that will signify that you have those special buffs. Now you will be able to light one of the memorial bowls that are located on the event’s territory. Monsters of various power will appear on the location, according to the quantity of bowls. 


But be careful, because in the PvP-area there is a high chance of losing this buff: candle above the head will be visible to everyone in the event, and after character’s death special buff will be transferred to the character that killed player that had it. So the hunt won’t be only for monsters!


Mini-bosses Yelchu, for the killing of which your Guild will be awarded 500 points, will come to the call of the three bowls. Locations with them are positioned in the corners.


On the locations to the far right and far left you will find five memorial bowls on each, the fire of which will summon the Count's Soul. For killing them, the Guild will get 2000 points.


And to defeat the Count Onofre, you will need to light seven bowls on the central location. Guilds will get 7500 points for destruction of the raid boss.


Bosses will come back every time the burning bowls call, so try to collect the buffs fast to earn as many points as possible and become the leader!

Restart time: on schedule.


Guild event in the dedicated area “Tomb of La Llorona”

Katrina herself could not have imagined that her grudge would be so palpable and produce a despaired wailer, capable of stealing the souls of innocent people. Cunning Baron Saturday decided to use this spawn of anger to strengthen his army of the dead in the fight against the heroes of Arinar. However, you still have a chance to not let her get out of the confinement to meet with her creator and get the maximum power.

Baron Saturday has been planning his invasion of Arinar for a long time, doing everything in his power to flood the world of the living with the dead. One of the most horrible creatures sent by the Baron to torture mankind was the ghostly wailer La Llorona. She appeared when the Baron forsake his bride, Katrina. The wrath of the woman was so strong, it got a name and a ghostly body, becoming the despaired wailer. Since then, La Llorona was bound to wander between cities and villages, wishing to meet her creator. Along the way the wailer stole the souls of those unfortunate enough to meet her. Ancient heroes of Arinar once bound the wailer to a tomb, where she remains to this day. But with the invasion of the Baron Saturday, the spell binding La Llorona is weakening, and the evil wailer can get out at any moment! Heroes decided to come down to the crypt and deal with the wailer once and for all to not let that happen!


Once the crypt will be opened, the wailer will try to reunite with Katrina, her creator! The brave heroes of Arinar must not allow that to happen, after all Katrina will then be poisoned with evil that filled La Llorona all those years. The ghostly wailer should be defeated!

We want to inform you that it’s not that easy to get into La Llorona’s crypt. You will need to activate 3 seals near the entrance in order to open a passageway to mournful wailer. But for that to happen you will need to go through dreadful corridors, filled with ferocious monsters and use additional seals of the each side. You should be on alert because seals have strong defenders, that surely won’t be happy to see you and will try to cut short your journey. With each stage corridors will become more and more dangerous and long, and monsters will be stronger and more vicious. In this horrendous tomb the only thing you shouldn’t be afraid of is mist: after completing the conditions on location, it will disappear from the way, showing right direction.




When you reach La Llorona, you will also need to slay a whole crowd of creatures that swarm her crypt. But they are not the only danger. Closely monitor ghostly Bhut that won’t attack first, but can shatter your offense if you won’t stop it in time.

Conditions of activation: complete 10 times any dungeon at the Horror Circus.

Restart time: 8 hours after the event ends.


Guild event in the open world “Afterlife Quintet”

Who would have thought that music at a festival might be deadly? But if these are the melodies of a popular band from the underworld then it shouldn’t surprise you. Deal with the members of the dangerous quintet, while they are only rehearsing a solemn concert, so that their music does not end the holiday for everyone on the island!


Once in a couple hundred years, the complete “Afterlife Quintet” is going on a tour to the world of the living. And nothing good comes out of this for the living — the music of the “Afterlife Quintet” is truly deadly! That is why the performance of the five must be delayed at any cost! And it seems that now is the most appropriate time to do so. The musicians are rehearsing their parts in the orchestra pits — it is the best moment to take each of them by surprise. Defeat each member of the “Afterlife Quintet” — and Baron Saturday will seethe in anger!


Conditions of activation: gather 5,000 Guild points.

Restart time: 6 hours after the event ends.




Never heard of the “Afterlife Quintet”? Oh, it's time to get acquainted with this dangerous group to be fully prepared when the time comes to meet them!

Twangy Jose

Jose is the best guitarist of the “Afterlife Quintet”. Best because he’s the only one. Jose’s love for music can be compared only to love for his sombrero.

Ernesto Trumpeter

If you want to hear true music of the underworld, just listen to Ernesto playing his trumpet. You will want to die before intermission! Ernesto guaranteed! 


Garcia Paganino

Garcia’s violin will make even the dead man dance. And this is not exaggeration! For that particular reason “Afterlife Quintet” is banned from funerals.

Thundering Alvaro

Alvaro is the main joker of the “Afterlife Quintet”. They say that his maracas are filled with skulls of their oldest fans. No wonder, because whole quintet has been touring around Arinar for a few hundred years!

Federico Mercurio

Who Wants to Live Forever? The one, whose voice sounds in both worlds - of the dead and the living. Federico knows - show must go on by all means! And don’t even try to stop him.

You will be able to find those musicians, to beat the crap and unique treasures of the world of the dead out of them, in the orchestra pits. If you didn’t get the memo: killing is allowed!

The orchestra pits themselves are unique system of five underground levels that can not only get you to bosses, but also can help you save some time on traveling the island. But pay attention: you can enter them from any side of the island, but you can get out only on yours. In addition, sinister monsters and hostile players, that you can meet on your way, might not be proper gentlemen, so you should take matters into your own hands and make a way for yourself.


“Activate” button

With the advent of the Horror Circus there will be an important change for the entire Arinar: now, with completed condition of activation of the event, you can start it at any time by simply clicking on the button. But note that only the leader and heirs can start the event. 

Plan accordingly and don't miss important Guild battles!


Of course there can not be the holiday without rides! Among the crazy battles and dangerous fights, find time to have some fun on the festive island. This year Sam Hain prepared incredible rides specifically for the Day of the Dead: dig up the dead, destroy totems from the skulls of sinners, burn zombies or throw pumpkin bombs, merrily blowing up Baron Saturday’s corpse eaters! But to have fun in the amusement park you will need special tickets, so hurry up to find them in your bags or get new ones from Skull Jewelry Box that monsters, killed on the surface, drop. Also you can find tickets on bosses or in chests for dynamic events. Don’t forget that you can trade Good Luck Tokens for amazing prizes from Souvenir Merchant.


Attraction “Cemetery Keeper” (solo, for all levels)

Baron Saturday doesn't care about what means he uses to achieve his goal: he wants to multiply the chaos, and he turns the dead loose against each other. Try on the role of a graveyard watchman and bury the most violent dead who left their graves on the north side of the cemetery. The dead from the graves in the southern part of the cemetery will help you with this. Even the dead have their strengths and weaknesses: zombies are especially powerful when fighting against skeleton archers, archers are great at defeating dead mages, and mages, in turn, easily destroy zombies. The more dead men of Baron are killed by your own dead, the more impressive your reward will be.




Attraction “Gas Attack” (solo and group, for all levels)

Only poisonous mushrooms that came alive from the world of the dead can be worse than poisonous mushrooms. The poison of the afterlife spore-eaters is neutralized only by the poisoned miasma of the plague zombies. Set fire to the stinking dead by throwing a lit torch at them! When burned, zombies will leave behind clouds of poisonous miasma - and the proliferated afterlife spore-eaters will die in them. And so that you don't get hurt yourself - the showman gave you the mask! The more zombies you kill, the greater your skill will become, which will increase fire damage and let you throw a torch more often. But be careful, it can piss off the zombies, and evil zombies give out more miasma! Remember that the number of tokens that the showman will give you depends on how many mushrooms you kill!

For the duration of the ride character will have new skill - “Fire Throw” - with which you should ignite zombies.




Attraction “Demoman” (solo and group, for all levels)

Corpse-eaters of Baron Saturday filled many graveyards near the Circus. There are so many of them that showmen use special pumpkin bombs to fight them. Pumpkins? No, bombs! You should also use this Sam Hain's gift. Experienced bomb throwers prefer to hunt pyromancer skeletons - they explode with such force that the nearby corpse-eaters also get blown up into smithereens. If you destroy a lot of these terrible creatures, the reward will not keep you waiting - your speed will increase, and the bombs will reload way faster!  Your task is to clear the crypt of evil. More bombs thrown, more Baron minions torn to shreds - which means more good luck tokens! Remember that the reward for the fastest corpse-eaters will be higher!


For the duration of this ride, the player will have “Pumpkin? A bomb!” skill that should be used in a hunt for corpse eaters.




Attraction “Tomb Raiders Attraction” (group, for players of  17-24/25-32 levels)

Voodoo sorcerers who serve Baron Saturday stack totems from the burning skulls of sinners. These totems must be destroyed. Be prepared for the fact that the creatures from the crossroads between the worlds will try to stop you, and the sorcerers will send new skulls for the totems! The more freaks you will kill, the more tokens you will earn. But you will receive the greatest reward by destroying the creations of the sorcerers..




Holiday skills

In gratitude for the help, Sam Hain decided to strengthen all the warriors with two festive skills that summon special monsters that are ready to protect the heroes of Arinar. Besides that, as an additional reward for active participation in the world event, you can get another assistant!




пастехват.png Jaw-Grabber's Help

It was not for nothing that Jaw-Grabber got his name - his mouth has amazing grasping abilities, and the monster becomes the main target for any opponent.


чупа.png Chupacabra's Help

The bloodthirsty, but cautious and dangerous monster continues to terrify everyone who meets him. The Blood of a Defeated Enemy is the best reward for Chupacabra.


векуфе.png Vekufe's Help 

Vekufe is fed up with evil deeds and now serves courageous warriors, weakening enemies and helping them survive in battle.


Baron Saturday

Baron Saturday was well aware that Sam Hain wouldn’t want to return the old debt, so he decided to personally take the last life of the Median Night Prince, and permanently swap places with him to become sole ruler in world of living. It’s all up to you, warriors. After all if Master of crossroads between worlds of the dead and the living takes away Sam Hain, then there will be no more Horror Circus in Arinar…

Baron Saturday is mysterious master of the crossroads between the worlds of the living and the dead. He can open gates between worlds and travel in each of them. But the company of the dead men became boring to him, because he himself is all for joys and fun that are available only for the living. After opening gates and freeing one of the most bizarre creatures of the underworld, Baron Saturday decided to destroy Sam Hain in order to swap places with him: Sam will be gatekeeper of the land of the dead and Baron becomes the sole ruler of the world of the living that will quickly become kingdom of chaos and dark madness that are so dear to his heart. The task at hand doesn’t seem to be difficult, because there is no trace of the from former power of Sam. The only thing left for him is bringing the Horror Circus to Arinar again and again.


Take into consideration that Baron Saturday is too clever to just let you kill him over and over again, taking his lives. He is well aware that with every death he will become more fragile and that’s why after every defeat Master of the crossroads restores his strength and only after that joins the battle with heroes of Arinar, so he won’t lose ever again!



Among other things, at the Horror Circus you will find 16 new festive achievements, 4 of which will be legendary! And don't forget to turn up the music - with it you will get a better feel of the Day of the Dead 🙂

That’s all for now. Detailed information about rewards, gifts and holiday surprises will be announced on the day of update release.


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24 minutes ago, bld said:

when is the release????🤧


In some days I suppose.


But you just had the preview so be happy for this for now :advise:

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i wana say few things:


1. im amazed by the new mechanics and new ideas of the dynamic event, gona be interesting i noticed some very very new mechanics

2. guild event activation button hell yes!

3. cool new bosses and scary themes, u have out done yourselves devs ty

4. i cant wait for test server to be up to discover all of it

5. i didn't yet understand Baron Saturday mechanics from the info but thats perfect, more secrets to uncover

6. Best New Stuff are:

Fifth stage “Horned madness” the mechanics of the bulls i love it please tell who ever came up with that idea special thank you from Zeus

also this “Activate” button

7. also this looks interesting in dungeon mwhahahahha 46.gif


Image result for la Llorona gif


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All I hope is that I don't have to depend on a warden

I hate that, because I always have to wait 30 minutes up to 1 hour and sometimes I can't even go to any dg because nobody is available

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2 hours ago, Peony said:

Tournament Guild event on GvG-territory “Treasures of Count Onofre”

Come on guys thats t5 gvg with horror mobs, couid of you think about something abit diffent, abit more fresh and entertaning

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Just now, Peony said:


Can you just let us know if we can expect event 28-30? Busy halloween and rather not waste my time scouring russian and english forum tryna find answers every morning like i have been for the past month.

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19 minutes ago, Lashabi said:

This will force everyone not to be afk :cat2:

There's always such a stage that needs everyone to attack in events. Nothing new about that.:restingowl:


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3 минуты назад, Correbarry сказал:

Server Test link Please!! ( Servidor de Teste link Por favor!! ) 💪

Links will be later, stay tuned

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This idea of the day of the dead for Halloween, it was an idea of Akasha and Splendor, the two of them had proposed this idea two years ago, I think. 


And i credits it to them where:pleased:

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Horrible ad. It has almost no information if you leave the page blank until it would come out more and useful training.


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Please, use normal sized letters
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Just now, rumpormi said:

Horrible ad. It has almost no information if you leave the page blank until it would come out more and useful training.



The meaning of a preview is to give you a little view of the update, and not to disclose every single detail of it (the name itself says it).


For more infos, you'll have to wait the Release.

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2 minutes ago, Higgings said:


El significado de una vista previa es darle una pequeña vista de la actualización y no revelar cada detalle (el nombre lo dice).


Para más información, tendrá que esperar el lanzamiento.

better publish the release

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