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Born's Daily quest idea's ( making questing more fun )


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I Would like to start this topic for myself and others to offer idea's for fun daily quests.



The current form of quests has two types as i see it: Collection ( item collection ) and mob killing ( multiple, single and elf ).

I Have found personally and from other players is that the most enjoyed quests are the ones that require us to kill mobs as well as the CC quests for killing the opposing factions, so i will start off with a couple of idea's...







King of the hill.

Random area to be marked in enemy territory.

Kill a determined amount of opposing faction ( perhaps 20 ) inside that marker.

Rewarded with.. lets say 20xp 10cc 100g



Closing communications.

With this idea, it will require a solid object or npc as a target to be placed in each T1 ( first towns: Armor cliff and Kamp-Gasphel ). For now we will call it "target".



The goal requires you to infiltrate enemy territory, reach t1 and kill/destroy the "target".

The effect of completing this task will close down trade chat for ten ( 10 ) minutes.

Reward: 20xp 10cc 100g









I See this idea's as both rewarding and fun. I Will post more when time is provided..



Now what do you think of these idea's? Do you have any idea's yourself? And also, what are your current favourite quests and quest types?





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Never really liked Dailies, not even the CC PvP ones.



I would really like more PvP DQs though, add a PvP-based island with that too.



Do you have an idea you could show as an example? It sounds quite interesting to me.

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I got an idea of a PvP island, kinda got it from WoW, something similar to Tol Barad except with PvP-based DQs during the waiting time for the fight for Tol Barad. Click the hyper linked text if you don't know what it is.

PS: The faction that owns this certain place gets to access a Dungeon, the bosses drop PvP equips with Resilience.

PS: The link doesn't really explain it that much, you could research more about it, but I'm gonna post about something similar in a few mins, wait for the edit.



Atm, I cba to post long stuffs so feel free to make one.



There will be 2 islands, 1 for both factions with some DQs and another one which they need to fight for and capture

The 1st island will be shared, each faction has their own camps with a shop with cheap PvP equips used by currency obtained from doing DQs, there will be random DQs each day, like 30 DQs and 10 each day, that's kinda much you need to know.

The 2nd island will be a territory that each faction will fight for, every 4 hrs people in the 2 islands will teleport to their spawn points, DQs will disappear during this time and they must attack and defend the territory, there will be a time limit, let's say 10 minutes to defend it, if the defender succeeds to defend it they will own it for the next 4 hrs again if the other faction succeeds in attacking it and defeats the defenders they own it for the next 4 hrs, not sure on how they are actually suppose to attack and defend it, but this is just an idea not an official suggestion.

The 2nd island will have more DQs and items in the shop which only the faction that owns it may access, the DQs award a different currency used to purchase far more better PvP equips and there will also be a dungeon with bosses that drop the same equips as in the shops though a player can only enter the dungeon once per reset ( 4 hrs ) and the drop rate is not 100%

Adds for 2nd island:

- The winner of the fight for the territory gain XP and currency.

- Other players that did not compete may also enter the territory and use the shop, dungeon, do dqs and etc.

- Opposite faction cannot enter if not controlled

- People out of the islands can compete by going to Menu and clicking Arena options

- Players can see the countdown for the fight for the territory in the Menu under Arena options



Hope you get the idea.

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Yup, it doesn't matter how long it takes, it's worth the wait.

Something we could do for months and months, once we get full equips we can just do it for the lulz.

Plus it's free unlike arena, and more players.

One of the main reasons why I liked WoW a lot, though the PvE there is quite lame, more like farm each week > get top gear > do nothing.

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faction wars was properly the reason many mmos continued even after reaching top lvl,getting best equips :drinks:

in asda story after i reachen lvl65 the only thing that kept me playing was the daily faction wars which was pretty simple in fact that u can easlly make it for warspear so here is my idea of how faction can conquer,defend the other island:

the island have 4 layers :

4)the coast layer

3)the inner wall layer

2)the castle halls layer

1)the inner castle :here lies the shop,dungun,etc of the stuff for the faction that conqured it only


at first the defending faction respawns in the inner castle and there are 3teleports in the inner castle

1)grean teleport that teleports players to the coast

2)blue one that teleports players to te inner wall

3)yellow one that teleports players to the castle halls


while the conquering faction respawns in the coast

when the conquering faction conquer a layer that disables its teleport for the defending faction and activates a respawns statue for the conquesring faction in that layer

the way of conquering is:

1) there are 4 towers in the coast

2)there are 3gates in the inner wall

3) there are 2 fortresses in the hall

4)there is 1 big crystal or something in the inner-castle

each will have X number of HP and devs can fill that number the defending faction can heal those cuz its HP regen is 0 all the time

while the conquering faction must destroy those in order to procceed to the next layer

1hour maybe enaugh for the war depending on the X number filled by devs

this would really change the reason why must people player warspear after lvl20 O:-)

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