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How to act as Warlock


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If you have doubt of what skills sequence to use as warlock , i ll tell you mine .

*Skills based at a nice Control char with a nice Mana Regen


[]~~ Warlock vs Melee ~~[]

Fear ~ Normal ~ Leech ~ Kite ~ Arrow ~ Normal ~ Kite ~ Circle ~ Puddle ~ Normal ~ Arrow ~ All over again


[]~~ Warlock vs Ranger ~~[]

Same as Warlock vs Melee but without Kite


[]~~ Warlock vs Druids / Shaman ~~[]

Fear ~ Normal ~ Leech ~ Arrow ~ Normal ~ Circle ~ Puddle ~ Normal ~ Arrow ~ All over again


[]~~ Warlock vs Warlock / Mage ~~[]

Circle ~ Puddle ~ Normal ~ Fear ~ Leech ~ Normal ~ Arrow ~ All over again


[]~~ Warlock vs Necro / Priest ~~[]

Circle ~ Normal ~ Leech ~ Arrow ~ Normal ~ Puddle ~ Fear ~ All over again


[]~~ Warlock at Arena ~~[]


[]~ Lava Map ~[]

Go center fast and use Circle and Puddle where enemies spawn at center , after it act as wrote above .


[]~ Bridges Map ~[]

If your enemy wait you at brigdes Circle behind him because he surely will step back , if he wait you after bridge Circle where are more peoples


[]~ Corner Map ~[]

Run fast and Circle a little above the corner , plash at your spot for detect possible rogues .


[]~~ Warlock vs Environment ~~[]


[]~ Mobs ~[]

Normal and arrow used only


[]~ Mini Bosses ~[]

All skills work at Mini Bosses


[]~~ Bosses ~~[]


[]~ Tanking Boss ~[]

Puddle , Arrow , Leech , Fear, Normal


[]~ Non Tanking Boss ~[]

Arrow , Leech , Normal

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I recommend to always use Dark Circle first.

If you use Fear and your enemy gets bugged after then it's a gg for you unless you can relog in 2 seconds.

And don't kite then Circle, Circle then kite, Stagger is one of the top reasons of bugged positions, after/during Fear use Plash to be sure your enemy isn't bugged, if they are bugged then try and pull off a successful blind Circle.

Other than Circle, Warlock is quite easy, almost too.

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;D I never play a warlock....

But i recommand when PvP first use signal (Life exhaust) then Fear then Arrow darkness then Lake of blood (I dont know what it is) then Dark circle on The same place as that lake of blood..... ;D

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Yeah, circle first then fear, also because circle has a cooldown of 14 sec, fear of 15, so this way you can minimize the span of time in which you havent any stun skill ready.


I prefer using fear first on mages though, with their teleport abilty its easy that circle will miss.

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In Norlant I recommend :blush:


warlock vs frogl

Arrow - Normal - Fear - Leech - Arrow - Normal - Fear - Leech


Warlock vs Vow

Arrow - Normal - Leech - Arrow - Normal - Leech


Warlock vs Disturber

Fear - Leech - Arrow - Normal - Kite - Run after use fear if u against strong ppl (dont use dark circle in kota)


Warlock in wyvern/gnoll area

fear one wyvern/gnoll - run to the nearest teleport - put dark for other wyvern/gnoll



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When I did it i was such a noob :lol:



Okay so here is how to pvp anyone:



Circle - arrow - puddle - fear - leech (with the normal attacks between every 2 skills)



Good luck have fun

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