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Trickster, The Traitor


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   In the kingdom of Arinar, currently preparing for the Median Night celebration. Sam Hain as the king was very happy in welcoming the Median Night celebration. But he got bad news from his right hand Trickster. He is a magician who has extraordinary magic power and can predict the future. He knew that our kingdom would be a terrible mess.

   Sam Hain's excitement suddenly turned into anxiety. Then he went to meet his old friend Barker. He tells the Trickster prophecy about the chaos that will occur in the kingdom of Arinar. Sam Hain also told Barker to help him in gathering troops to overcome the chaos. With the power of teleportation Barker immediately went missing and traced every corner of the kingdom to look for troops.

   After Barker left, Sam Hain returned to the palace and when he arrived at the palace, he sat pensive thinking about what would happen to the kingdom of Arinar. Suddenly the Trickster appeared before Sam Hain, and he offered a favor, which was to make a very large maze around the palace. The labyrinth is filled with deadly surprises, and on every road there are puzzles that must be solved quickly. If it's too late or wrong, creepy monsters will appear. Trickster calls the labyrinth "Surprise and Dead" or in short SaD. And Sam Hain agreed with the Trickster offer.
 The next day Barker reported to Sam Hain that the army had gathered. Then Sam Hain ordered the troops to train, while waiting for the chaos to occur.


   All was going well, until in one too quiet day, the clouds were torn with thunder and the skies darkened. A resounding human-like laugh boomed and only a few words could be made out -- "Sam Hain... I am coming for you!".

   Hearing the voice, Sam Hain was shocked and rushed out but apparently all the doors were locked and the guards in the palace suddenly died without cause. Then Trickster appeared at Sam Hain and said "Hahaha!... I was meant in my prophecy, which would cause chaos in this kingdom! While laughing evil. Sam Hain said in a tone of disappointment "You are a traitor Trickster!!!" Trickster uses the secret power of "Black Hole" which will deliver to a mystical prison so that Sam Hain is trapped in a mystical prison.
Trickster goes out to the field and announces that Sam Hain has been in prison and to save you must pass the maze and enter the palace to defeat me.

* The reason Trickster committed treason was to become the king of the kingdom of Arinar and to have a formidable army. So he needs to eliminate it through the labyrinth made by Trickster.



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