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[2011.08.08] Warspear Online: Legacy Of Berengar 1.0 Release


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Dear players!


AIGRIND company releases the next game update "Warspear Online: Legacy of Berengar” in which players will find many changes and improvements.


Confrontation of the Sentinels and the Legion at Irselnort is delayed. Worst Enemies, realizing that their forces are equal, began to look for new ways to turn the tide of the battle for the Ash Cost . Lift the veil of secrecy over the Legacy of Berengar, shamans of Godgorrat and druids of Melvendil simultaneously found a new source of power — Hidden Sanctuary in which great magician worshiped to the Avenger, one of the great dragons of the past.


Battle for the sanctuary promises to be hot! Merchants Of Chainless League are ready now to lay out the best works of its armourers - in exchange they are asking for the amazing gems called Crimson Corundum. Rumor has it that in these wonderful stones enclosed unquenchable flame of Avenger - as well as inside the ancient walls, in ancient times, placed throughout of Irselnort.


Soon the shine of Crimson Corundums would motivate the brave heroes of the two alliances to new feats of arms. Only the most united and experienced warriors will be able to stand the test of future battles!


You can download «Warspear Online: Legacy Of Berengar» from official webpage http://warspear-online.com/en/download/


Major changes


  • Miracle Shop. You will be able to buy certain types of items with a new game currency - Miracle Coins, which can be bought for real money. All Items can be sent to other players for free or sold in the trade chat.
  • Friends List. Players of your faction could be added in a separate list to know when they are in the game. Also, all standard operations allowed on the players.
  • The transition from the ranks to the levels system. Gaining levels by completing quests has become even more interesting!
  • Minimap. You no longer have to constantly look for signs of quests and players by opening up a map from the game menu.
  • Two-handed weapons and heavy armor. Yes, now you can wear them!
  • Magic schools are now consistent with the history of the Arinar universe.
  • Runes and crystals. A new type of special items that enhance the player's characteristics, can be inserted into each piece of equipment.
  • Crimson Corundum. New game currency that player will earn by performing daily tasks in a dungeon, "Hidden sanctuary" designed for the passage in a group. You can buy the gear worn by characters in the game, and which was not previously available to players: turbans, dresses, magicians hats, helmets with horns, masks and more. Starter quests of this chain are available after the quest "Shadows of Berengar" (Sentinells), or "Berengar's six shadows " (Legion). NPCs, issuing the first quest are Arnold (Kamp-Riff) and Helg (Camp of Legion).

Improvements and bug fixes


  • The new system of marking items: background color and title changed. Tips are given to a single style.
  • Changes in color indicating the strength of monsters: Gray - a critter, light blue - normal, green - strong, red - mini-boss.
  • "My Maps" menu: added ability to view maps of other areas that you have visited.
  • Now when you select target the skill action icon appears.
  • Redesigned game balance of classes.
  • The maximum group size is reduced from 8 to 5.
  • Characteristics are shown in percentage and unit.
  • Changes in skills. Also new skills automatically added to the skills panel until the panel is filled.
  • Changes in behavior of monsters.
  • In the transition from location to location effect of invulnerability against enemy players  is no longer active.
  • Introduced the regime of neutrality in Nadir Sard (PvP is forbidden)
  • Fixed a bug with the client crash at the death of a group member in a dungeon and the appearance characters from the opposite faction or NPC in a group.
  • Added stages in the quests most often lost by players. Now, these quests give NPCs which stand in the city.
  • Added guards in the settlement of the Western Camp of Caravan (Irselnort).
  • Fixed display of hairstyles in Berengar sets. Also sets look more spectacular.
  • Added hints on the imposition of consumables to the quick panel, dressing costumes, runes and crystals.
  • In the English localization fixes some game texts of quests.
  • New high-resolution icons for all items.
  • When creating a new character now you can see his appearance.
  • Clothes for the initial levels looks more beautiful and diverse.
  • The positive effects are now displayed correctly.
  • When player invited in a group notification works correctly if he is already in another group.
  • Fixed chat auto-scrolling to last post when you hold the cursor.
  • Debuffs now cause aggression of monsters (Roar, Kick in the back).
  • Bonus to increase health and energy now work correctly.



  • Fixed bug with game crash after losing connection to the server.
  • Fixed bug with sound



  • Samsung Galaxy S now runs game on default firmware

Windows PC


  • Game client now runs with a resolution without "stretching"
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Guest Mioco

+1473 heal on screenshot #4 ?!?!


Mob evade :)


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Mio, could you explain more details for fixed display of hairstyles in berengar sets? Do you mean when wearing berengar hood or what?

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Guest Mioco

Do you mean when wearing berengar hood or what?


Yep - hoods.



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Give them some time they will open all servers, they must be restoring all user data on those servers


Saphire is back now

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wtf !

monsters that I used to kill with 3-4 hits now its impossible to kill them ...


it is much better now .my rogue has 800hp at r3
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I think with this update, the problem of quickly die is gone because we can increase more HP with some crystals and health inc. pot, right?

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Guest Mioco

for now only one solution for small window is change screen resolution.


Sorry - only in Russian (transcription for Windows Seven - right click on exe file - settings - compatibility - use resolution 640*480)


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Guest Mioco

Why are all servers red.... Yet everyone else is playing........


All servers up!
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How about qwerty keyboard? Any update for it? Because i still use double click the function key to turn on/off the text in chat and control to use the hotkey when hunting. The problem i can't see the sign of write type; text or number, so i have to click more than twice when the key isn't working

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version 1.0 has rendered this game unplayable on pc. the screen size is like a thumbnail and you cant adjust it. was about to buy coin till i noticed the game is to small to play. too bad this is my favorite game. you guys just shot your self in the foot on the pc version. you need a new patch already and its only been a couple hours.



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Guys are you serious? New Interface and style is great, no doubt.

But gameplay is somehow messed up :o I can barely kill a mob, it takes a shitload of time and I almost die.

Took me 3 hits for the mob before the update.


It's not playable at the moment. I kill like 1 mob in 5 minutes because HP regeneration is extremely slow now.

I'm Ranger and miss (enemy dodges) around 60% of my attacks...

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