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It was the month of October, the day of the dark month, the day of the dead, the day of witches and all fears. It was the day when the lords of fear crawl out of the earth and the creatures of the underworld have too much fun.

But for Ana, it is only a dull day when everyone is dressed in clothes, rags and scandalous makeup for the celebration of Sam Hain. She plays, hunts and denigrates the image of the lords of fear, of myths and fears, her Uncle Barker says "don't play with those who can't escape from the claws". Ana debauched, and stupidly replied "What are they going to do? Pull my foot in the dawn? "And then I laughed with cunning.

It was after midnight when Ana felt something sharp on her left foot. She shook her foot, but it didn't go away. She sat down on the bed and looked in front of her, she didn't believe what she saw. He rubbed his eyes hard. Was it a dream? A nightmare? The fruit of his imagination, certainly. He tried to wake up his uncle, but he was asleep deeply. Satan himself, the God of fear and the underworld, stood before him. Horn, pointed tail, long and sharp fingernails like a razor, a spear with a sharp tip so sharp that it cut just by looking, black teeth and hot eyes, red skin like blood and so hot that the sun felt humiliated. He smiled with disdain, and that caused a dark shiver in Ana, something that touched him beyond the epidermis. Still with a smile on his face, the God of sorrowful souls asks, "Aren't you going to laugh at me now? Won't he laugh at me? Where is Sam Hain?". Ana is speechless and breathless.

The smile gave way to a serious and merciless face. He grabs the girl's legs and pulls violently towards the ground. Ana screams but no one listens to her. Then comes a voice in her mind, "There's no point in screaming, you can't escape the clutches of evil. She cries, struggles, sobs and desperately tries to cling to anything in front of her. It's no use, your uncle was right. She begs for mercy, but the God of demons ignores everything that comes out of her mouth.

He opens the door to the closet, and in the place of many very expensive robes two demons appear, in an anguishing and horrible place, the much feared hell. He had no mercy, dragged the girl by the hair and her nails scratched her face. She struggled frantically, but it was useless. He was strong, very strong.

Ana looked back and behind her saw the portal close, and at that moment she was sure she would never see her world again, only the warmth of hell. In that horrible place she was taken hostage and imprisoned until Sam Hain surrendered.

It was eight o'clock in the morning, her uncle woke up, but Ana wasn't there. In her place were bloodstains and following the stains he found written on the wall "DO NOT WORRY, DO NOT LOOK , SHE WILL NEVER BETWEEN. ONE CANNOT ESCAPE FROM THE CLUTCHES OF EVIL". He ran around the house looking for his niece, put in his head that everything was nothing but a game of bad taste. But it was true. A raven landed in his window with a piece of paper on his beak in front said "No use looking for her, she will not be found, show up Sam Hain" and on the back there was a 30-day count, so Barker without knowing what to do reported to Sam Hain that he knew who they were dealing with...


Character's Name: Ana

Game server: BR-Tourmaline


(flashy image, not illustrative)


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