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Cross-server arena

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I hope that it is possible to do a special event where, before you update level cap and items, we can do some form of contest of arena or player vs player.  all servers and only those who want can enter but its strict and you guys control length of competition and rank is saved here on forum or special menu in arena ranking.


would be nice to see if my friends and enemies of Sapphire really are as noob as we hear from the other servers




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Why all about money....money....money!!! Maybe i must retire from warspear...and take more time to playing other game, but i very Love, Holic, Mania to play ws....i hope gm make new idea to Make :


1. We can Trade Mcoin->gold, Gold->mcoin to friend

2. Pvp chat to enemy..1by1

3. Make respawn statue at pvp cave

4. Black market

5. New lvl

6. Add new costumes (Dog, Dragon, Lion, Eagle, Crow, Bear,)on mcoin market

7. make illutions weapon (gun(sword n dagger), bazooka(cbow), sniper(cbow), torn(2h sword, 2h hammer, shuriken(sword n dagger)) ...

8. Add new skill

9. Create 1 slot on ID for make New char

10. Special Area for farm n pvp..





Notes : Just my thinks.......

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