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Kinds of Warlock

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I will tell you the Kinds of Warlock , gears to use , skills to use .

PS* I didn‘t discovered it , i am just telling you and giving you advice .


Kinds of Warlock :

[~PvP~] Player vs Player

~ Based on full control skills , should have a nice gear and a nice damage too .


Gears : Level 18 gears or Arena Level 17 gears .


Skills : Fear , Dark Circle and Arrow maxed .


[~PvE~] Player vs Environment

~ Based on mobs , mini bosses or bosses hunting . Must have maxed a Control , Damage and Heal skill .


Gears : Level 18 Gears

Skills : Fear/Circle [ Your choise ] , Life exhaust , arrow maxed


[~War~] Warlock vs Elfs

~ Based on control skills and multi damage .


Gears : Level 18 gears or Level 17 arena gears

Skills : Fear , Dark Circle and Plash of Darkness maxed .


[~Lab~] Farming Warlock

~Based of farming warlock , with high damage and high defense for Astral Lab


Gears : Level 18 gears & Level 17 Dark Magic Defense gears ( Depends which boss )

Skills : Dark circle , Plash of Darkness , Arrow maxed


I wish you like :)


Keep calm and Fear elves :D

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