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The Demon


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It was dark and stormy night. I was sitting in the tavern ”Jolly Skull” preparing new arrows for my bow. ”248, 249 and 250! This should be enough for some time.” The innkeeper Arrax came to my table and said: ”Here is your travelling porridge, sir.” ”What? I haven’t ordered anything!” I told. ”Not you but the gentleman standing near the door”, he answered. Indeed, there was some suspicious man wearing a purple robe showing me to come outside. I put the porridge into my bag and went outside to see what that weird chap wanted from me. The man took off his hood. ”Barker! Is that you?” I said with a surprised tone. Barker had a serious look in his face. He said: ”Things aren’t going very well right now. A new evil has appeared and is now threatening the annual Horror Circus.” A dubious look in my face I asked: ”Is there again some kind of boogeyman or


A huge wave from the sea swept through the Red Dock soaking me completely. ”Hahahaha!” I heard someone laughing. ”Who laughed at me? Was it really that funny?" I shouted. ”Sir, there’s no one else here”, Barker said. ”Then who just laughed?” I asked. ”That’s the evil I came to tell you about. Though, we haven’t been able to discover what kind of evil we are talking about right now. My master, Sam Hain, has heard that creature’s laugh and voice in his dreams recently, saying: ´I am coming for you!´ The creature doesn’t really seem to like my master at all for some reason. As I said, we have done everything to find out where the creature came from and what it even is but all in vain. It seems like the creature isn’t even from this world but from the world of the dead”, Barker explained. ”But why are you telling this to me and not someone else?" I asked. ”Because you have good relations with the Faceless, the god of death”, Barker answered. ”We want you to ask him about the evil creature. He might know something about it.”


I walked to the Black Pyramid to meet the Faceless. The moon was shining beautifully in the night sky. I climbed the stairs up to see if the Priest of the Faceless was there but he had gone somewhere. I entered the pyramid but something was wrong. Slaves nor the overseers didn’t even look at me. Tarantulas were hiding in their holes and ghosts had vanished somewhere. When I entered the palace of the Faceless, I only saw Faceless’ robe and crown lying on the ground but nothing else. ”Here!” someone whispered. One of the High Priests of the Faceless was hiding behind a stone pillar. ”What has happened here?” I asked. ”An evil creature came from the underworld without my master’s permission. He was so powerful that my master couldn’t resist him and now my master is in some kind of coma”, the priest told. ”How can someone defeat a god?” he wondered. ”But what that creature actually was?” I asked. ”That creature was a demon created from Garahan’s blood and formed during the War of the Spear. He is the most powerful demon Garahan ever created and it was used in a battle against the Heavenly Brothers. Harad and Nuadu somehow managed to defeat him after Garahan and banished him to the underworld where he had been till this day. He wasn’t trying to escape from there until one day he felt that his master was being threatened by someone. From that moment he started to gather strength and is now ready to avenge to the one who almost killed his master”, the priest explained. ”But won’t he just leave after the revenge?” I asked. ”I don’t think so”, the priest answered. ”He hates the Heavenly Brothers and everything resembling them as well, in other words, everything with human or elf face. He is powerful enough to destroy you all”, he explained. Everything the priest just told me made me feel very uneasy. I had to go to the Horror Circus and tell Sam Hain everything I had just heard as fast as possible since there wasn’t much time left.


I took a teleportation scroll from my bag and read everthing written on it aloud. Suddenly, I was in the Horror Circus. I ran to the Sam Hains place and told him everything the priest had just told me. ”Oh, that explains everything. If you remember, I tried to kill Garahan five years ago. And now that demon wants to kill me to avenge that!” Sam Hain said with a worried tone. ”We have to strengthen our defences”, Sam Hain said with a bit more confident voice. Sam Hain and I were walking on the shores of the island directing where the defences should be placed. Sam Hain guided his assistants: ”You, put that pumpkin cannon there and fill it with the


A lighting struck, whole sky lit up and then I saw it. A siluet of a tremendous creature with a pair of huge wings filled the sky. It approached us slowly but surely. No one let even a single sound. When it landed on ground, I saw it clearly. Its wings were full of spikes, it had few pairs of horns in its head, it had a sword sheath on its waist and its whole body was black and it emitted deadly darkness killing everything it touched. The demon was looking us with its red eyes and soon after it stared only Sam Hain. Suddenly, the demon pulled out his sword from the sword sheath. The sword was a beautiful black saber with a complex desing. Against all expectations, the demon cut its own arm and black blood was flowing to the ground. The earth was screaming like it was being tortured by the most horrible ways. The earth opened and myriads of lesser demons were crawling out of there. They were all black just like their master. Some of them were bigger and some smaller but all of them were equally terrifying. Finally someone shouted: ”Retreat! Retreat!” Everybody were running back to the main town but not all of them managed to survive. The lesser demons were chasing us until we reached the gates of the Circus. I ran to Sam Hain and shouted at him: ”We must gather the legions of all factions here as soon as possible!” Sam Hain nodded silently and said: ”I will send an emergency message to all rulers of Arinar. They must send their best warriors to help us with the battle against the demon or Arinar will turn into a dead wasteland.”


Kuusipuu - EU-Emerald

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