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About Crimson Cordum gaining


No question just opinion -->  

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  1. 1. No question just opinion -->

    • I like the idea with book.
    • I like the idea without book.
    • I like the 1kill = 1cc
    • I like the 10kill = 1cc
    • I don't like this.

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So i saw someone say in some poll at youll get cc from killing opposite faction, Got excited about it!

So my suggestion is at you would buy a ''book'' from nadir like new guy in the CC armor shop, who would sell you book where youll get a mark youll killed 1 and from other kill another 1 and when  you go back to him you can transfer your all kills to crimson cordums like 1 kill = 1 CC or 10 kill = 1 CC?

Or without the book, youll get under the FRIENDLY (when completed whole CL) kills of enemy And you can go to talk the CC guy to transfer the kills to CC.



Thx.  ::)

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If it's killing 1 enemy to gain 1 cc,i like it very much,its like on RF-online or aika,u will gain some points on taking the enemy down(players from other faction) then u can exchange the points for weapons and armors.

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Or there could be a whole new currency used on a new island with another Chainless League like faction.

Great idea, Juoppo!


U made it even better! what about new currncy! like if theyre doing future full 20lvl etc.etc.etc... So new currency ----> new armor (no weapons we have enough)  :yahoo:  But for now just suggest easier way earn cc  ;D
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