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need an NECromantick build for necromaner

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Hi all. I made now an necromaner for arena level 10 :yahoo: ...... or i am doing it  ;D  But anyway im still searching for a skill build :search:

Feel free to post here your opinions :drinks:

jopsurange---------lvl 17 ranger (most active)

healxxxx-----------lvl 9 druid (for arena)

xkilzx--------------lvl 13 (another arena)

xmessupzx-------- my coming lvl 10 arena 8)

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1-1-3-3-3  stun is very good in arena and a balance heal-shield would be good :)


I have a lvl 10 necro but rearanged my skills, so i haven't any idea what build you mean  :blush:


I have attack 4, heal 3 and shield 2. And a 20 dark-crystal in my lvl 9 +2 staff.

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I think there are a lot of great builds with the necro. Every skill is very usefull. I prefer a necro that's doing damage too ;)

I see damage and heal as primairy skills, and nightmare and shield as support. I don't think shield will be a life-saver very often allthough it looks pretty cool  ;D I'm thinking of a lvl 20 build of 5 attack 5 heal 3 nightmare and 3 shield.

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Sorry for hi-jacking your topic but i wouldnt care anyways so no sorry at all.



A friend of mine has a necro, yeah, lv17 towards 18 now. She wants a DPS/Balance/Pve/p build.



She plans on using full lv18 Shroud set, no matter what, she wont change opinion, except maybe she'll use 2 piece of guiding if she ever buys any.



So, as that, shes going full Impenetrable Shroud, astral ench on staff (lv17 arena) arena belt, resil enchs on boots and vestment, that would make her get about 14.4% resi, and with one critical ench of crit, 29.1% critical. So, what do you advice for the skill builds? She was planning on 3-3-3-3-5, seems it would work out great, but i want your opinions.



Posting for the lazy ♥♥♥♥♥, she wont make a forum acc e.e

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Na, 5 Nightmare and Heal

Screw deathly eye, you'd barely use that shit anyways cause you'd get stunned after you get 2 on him and not able to use your poison then 1 debuff goes off same time the stun ends resulting you to nerd raging or/and throwing your laptop/phone/calculator on the wall

for no deathly eye combo

3 poison, 1 eye, 5 nightmare, 3 shield, 5 heal



or for people who prefer deathly eye combo each poison spit ( this is enough to cycle it twice without using eye more than twice, tested. )

1 poison, 3 eye, 5 nightmare, 3 shield, 5 heal.



lv3 shield is enough to block a damage skill and last long enough, only like 100 absorb difference from lv5

lv5 nightmare is pro for arena, makes it 2 vs 1 for 8 seconds, good if your partner has nice damage but if you're going with my Rogue lv3 is enough XD



and btw who is this lazy ♥♥♥♥♥ friend of your's?

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I Agree with sange about deathly eye.

Deathly eye and poison combo...Only uses for it really is to sap healers heal or use it to kite melee ( if your a marathon runner :tease: ). An extended duration on the combo can also really intrude on nightmares usefulness.

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