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Item value on its description.


Add "sell value" to items' descriptions?  

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  1. 1. Add "sell value" to items' descriptions?

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It would be nice to put how much an item is worth on the merchant on its description.



"Item x

Merchants would be happy to buy this item.



Value: 1 gold."



Since it's very hard to farm gold on lower levels , I think it would be a plus if the game helped us to filter which items we bring with us after hunting. Maybe it's just me but I hate it when I go back to the town with my inventory filled with 1 gold items and I remember I left the more valuable ones behind.

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Experienced people already know each item's price :P

What would be good though is knowing which quest reward is worth more. So if you don't wanna use them you take the most expensive

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I know... You get used to the items but I meant it for beginners. I think this game should be more newbie friendly. And besides, it wouldn't harm anyone. I mean, how can you be against the sell value information? What do you have to lose?


And I have another suggestion:


Make the Skill descriptions more detailed too. The growth chart with specific information and values. I believe this is basic on games of this type.

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