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Ideas for a Spear-using PvP DK equipments

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Ok, So my DK finally dinged 18 after all that questing now I can finally focus on equipments so I'm looking for advice on what I should get

My main goal is to reach around 20-25% Critical, 15-20% Dodge and around 10% Accuracy with a good amount of Resilience and Dark damage.



Atm, I got Full Endurance set, Solar Eclipse pendant, AZ Black cape, Imperishable signets x2 ( used for increased regen ) and some other junk that needs replacing.

I was thinking of Endurance Helm and Boots with full arena equips and maybe getting 2 BG Dark damage rings or staying with Imperishables with Arena Spear,



Anyone got better ideas?

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my idea for arena dk (shaman, wl, rogue partner)

arena spear, lvl 17 arena set (armor, helm, boots, belt), cc gloves, torturer cape and rings (hp runes), lvl 18 pendant



~3250 hp, ~180 dark, ~25% crit, ~21% resi, ~13% accu



main idea of this set to deal as much dmg as possible to one target while the other one is disabled (blind, fear, gouge)

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