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Ideas for new expert skills

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I'd love to see new experts added more often, like once every few months, I think they are one of the things that refresh the game more than anything else and are relatively easy to add. Also they keep the meta changing and challenges players to adapt to new skill builds, not only for their own characters but also when facing others.

But of course, skills require ideas and everybody can run out of ideas, so I'll help with few ones.

Before we start, all numbers can be changed.



1- Priest and Necromancer

I feel like those two classes are very underpowered in Arena and PvP, especially when fighting melee classes. They are weaker than Shamans and Druids in both healing and enemy control, so there is really no room for choice for them when building a team for Arena. So here is a skill concept for both that could help them:


Angel of Protection / Repulsive Protection

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Cast range: 5 yards

Character casts a spell on a selected target that lasts for a period of time. In that period any enemy that attacks the selected target will undergo negative effect "Push Back". This effect pushes the enemy away from the target for several yards and locks its movement for a period of time.

The duration of the buff, the strength of the push and the duration of the movement lock depend on the skill level:

1/4: 2 seconds; 2 yards; 1 second

2/4: 3 seconds; 3 yards; 2 seconds

3/4: 5 seconds; 4 yards; 3 seconds

4/4: 7 seconds; 5 yards; 5 seconds



2- Druid

Druid already has enough control and heal skills, maybe some damage skill?


Electric Zaps

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Cast range: 5 yards

- Character casts a lightning ball on a selected target for 10 seconds. Lightning ball emits lightning zaps on surrounding characters in 1 yard dealing magic damage every few seconds.

The damage and the frequency of the zaps increase with skill development:

1/4: 10% of Druids magic; every 2 seconds

2/4: 15% of Druids magic; every 1.5 seconds

3/4: 20% of Druids magic; every 1 seconds

4/4: 25% of Druids magic; every 0.5 seconds



3- Shaman

MCs in general could need a defense buff.


Lightning Field

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Cast range: 3 yards

- Shaman casts a lightning field on a selected 5x5 area. Ally characters in this field will receive reduced damage.

The effect strength and its duration depend on skill level:

1/4: 9% less damage; 7 seconds

2/4: 12% less damage; 9 seconds

3/4: 15% less damage; 12 seconds

4/4: 20% less damage; 15 seconds



4- Seeker and Rogue

Those classes are very nice damage classes, that lack control skills, but I think giving them a stun for example could make them too strong and it wouldn't fit the character. So maybe something like this would help:


Seeker's Revenge / Rogue's Revenge


- When the character receives any negative effect (that is from skills or relics), the character receives a "Revenge" buff for a period of time. Revenge buff can be stacked to a maximum of 3, when the amount of buffs reaches 3, the next negative effect on the Seeker will be resisted and all existing negative effects along with all "Revenge" buffs disappear, and the Seeker deals strong physical damage to all surrounding opponents in 1 yard.

The amount of damage and the duration of the Revenge buff increase with skill development:

1/4: 20% of physical damage; 10 seconds

2/4: 40% of physical damage; 15 seconds

3/4: 70% of physical damage; 20 seconds

4/4: 100% of physical damage;  



5- Mage



Passive with 90 seconds Cooldown

- When the Mage's HP drops to 15%, a clone of the mage appear to help the mage in battle. The clone's attributes are a percentage of the mage's. When the skill is level 4, 2 clones appear.

The power of the clones increase with skill level:

1/4: 15% of mage's attributes

2/4: 25% of mage's attributes

3/4: 35% of mage's attributes

4/4: 50% of mage's attributes



6- Warlock

Warlocks were very reliable in Arena, but now, especially after resistance, they lost their punch. So I wanna suggest a skill to punch back.




- Every few seconds, the warlock receives a buff "Imitation", which imitates the next attack on the warlock and deals the same attack on the enemy. Works for dealing damage, or negative effects.

The frequency of the buff depends on skill level:

1/4: Every 12 seconds

2/4: Every 10 seconds

3/4: Every 7 seconds

4/4: Every 4 seconds



7- Hunter and Ranger


Hit and Run

Active with passive energy consumption and cooldown

Cooldown: 8 seconds

- When the skill is active, the character teleports away from the nearest opponent in a 3 yard radius. Teleportation effect has 20 seconds cooldown.

The distance of teleportation depends on the skill level:

1/4: 2 yards

2/4: 4 yards

3/4: 6 yards

4/4: 8 yards



8- Bladedancer


Strength Reward

Cooldown: 10 seconds

- The Bladedancer casts a buff for a period of time that counts the damage dealt by the Bladedancer. If the character deals a specific amount of damage during the buff, the Bladedancer receives a protective barrier for the next incoming attack.

The duration of the buff and the amount of damage needed for barrier activation depends on skill level:

1/4: 3 seconds; 5000 damage

2/4: 4 seconds; 4000 damage

3/4: 5 seconds; 3000 damage

4/4: 6 seconds; 2000 damage



9- Charmer


Maximum Protection

Cooldown: 45 seconds

- Charmer casts a protective layer on a selected ally for some time that makes him receives less damage when in battle with more than 1 opponent depending the skill level:

1/4: 10% less damage against 2 opponents maximum; duration 5 seconds

2/4: 15% less damage against 3 opponents maximum; duration 10 seconds

3/4: 20% less damage against 4 opponents maximum; duration 15 seconds

4/4: 25% less damage against 5 opponents maximum; duration 20 seconds



10- Paladin


Holy Help

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Cast range: 5 yards

- The Paladin casts a buff on a selected ally for a period of time. All healing effects in the party will also affect the selected target. If the skill is level 3 or higher, the Paladin can caste the spell on himself.

The duration of the buff depends on skill level:

1/4: 4 seconds

2/4: 7 seconds

3/4: 9 seconds

4/4: 12 seconds



11- Barbarian

Spinning Axe

Cooldown: 8 seconds

- The Barbarian turns around himself dealing damage and causing all surrounding enemies in 2 yards radius to undergo bleeding effect for 6 seconds. Bleeding effects can stack.

The damage of the blow and the bleed depends on skill level:

1/4: 200 damage; bleed 20 / 2 seconds

2/4: 300 damage; bleed 30 / 2 seconds

3/4: 400 damage; bleed 40 / 2 seconds

4/4: 500 damage; bleed 50 / 2 seconds



12- Deathknight

Death Infection

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Range: Melee

- Deathknight casts a spell on an enemy that reduces his physical or magical power for a period of time. If the enemy dies while the effect is on, surrounding enemies in 2 yards will receive a sleep effect for 5 seconds.

The duration of the spell and the power reduction depends on skill level:

1/4: 5 seconds; 10% less power

2/4: 7 seconds; 15% less power

3/4: 9 seconds; 20% less power

4/4: 12 seconds; 25% less power



13- Warden

Warden is very tanky indeed. But it needs a skill that makes him more usable in PvP. No one attacks the warden first in Arena so it makes his tankiness useless because he can't help teammates much with low damage and control.


Helping Charge

Cooldown 30 seconds

Usage range: 4 yards

- Warden charges to a selected ally, making him invulnerable for few seconds.

The duration of effect depends on skill development:

1/4: 3 seconds

2/4: 5 seconds

3/4: 7 seconds

4/4: 9 seconds

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having a lot of expert skills will be fun and will encourage the idea of not having enough slots for all of them, but making them somewhat have interaction with each other

forcing players to think and come up with different skill builds instead of buying them all and spam them without thinking


i having been suggesting new skill ideas for quite a while my self







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